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A four ball game, played as singles (each player has two balls) or doubles (each side has two balls).

Players try to run a series of hoops with the balls of their side. There are extra turns for hitting another ball or running a hoop.

It is like Association Croquet, but simpler, with no croquet shot. This makes it easier than AC to learn, but it makes it harder to move the balls into exact positions around the court.

It has strategic potential - you can plan to run multiple hoops in one turn.


Ricochet was developed in the early 1980s by John Riches (North Adelaide, South Australia), initially to introduce new players to Association Croquet. It has now become a game in its own right.

It is recognised by Croquet Australia and widely played in Queensland in particular.

In Australia, Ricochet is currently managed by Croquet Queensland on behalf of Croquet Australia.


The Croquet Australia coaching qualifications introduced in 2016 recognise coaching in Ricochet.

Basic Ricochet skills cards are available for players interested in developing their skills and for players who would like to become coaches.

For more information, contact the State Coordinator of Coaching.

State Coordinator of Coaching
Ruth Duffy
02 6033 3864

Play Ricochet

Clubs that regularly play Ricochet include:

Play at these clubs is generally social, but tournaments are also organised occasionally. Details will be available on this site.

Find out more

Director of Ricochet: Jim Finemore

Croquet Queensland

Grading and Handicaps [Croquet Queensland]

Ricochet Rules (based on the laws of Association Croquet) [Croquet NSW]


SWCA are holding a Ricochet Open Tournament on Saturday, 16th and Sunday, 17th September 2017 at Warrnambool Croquet Club, Cramer Street.

Entries to Barbara McKean 0419625107 and Margaret Kelson 0418614937.

Entries close: 13th September 2017.

Press the arrow button to view the Tournament Notice.

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