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Ricochet Risk and Reward


A four ball game, played as singles (each player has two balls) or doubles (each side has two balls).

Players try to run a series of hoops with the balls of their side. There are extra turns for hitting another ball or running a hoop.

It is like Association Croquet, but simpler, with no croquet shot. This makes it easier than AC to learn, but it makes it harder to move the balls into exact positions around the court.

It has strategic potential - you can plan to run multiple hoops in one turn.


Ricochet was developed in the early 1980s by John Riches (North Adelaide, South Australia), initially to introduce new players to Association Croquet.

It has now become a game in its own right.

At the August 2020 Council meeting, Maurice Cevaal-Hewitt of Twin City Croquet Club was endorsed as State Coordinator of Ricochet Croquet. Maurice is a Ricochet Referee and Foundation Level Coach with Ricochet Endorsement.

The Ricochet Laws Committee has reviewed and updated the Ricochet Rules Book. (December 2023)

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Please contact the State Coordinator if you have other questions.

State Coordinator of Ricochet Croquet
Maurice Cevaal-Hewitt
0409 362947
ricochet @ croquetvic . asn . au

State Coordinator of Coaching
Maurice Cevaal-Hewitt
0409 362947
coaching @ croquetvic . asn . au

State Coordinator of Refereeing - Ricochet
Maurice Cevaal-Hewitt
0409 362947
ricochet @ croquetvic . asn . au

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Clubs that regularly play Ricochet include:

Play at these clubs is generally social, but tournaments are also organised occasionally.

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To book a demonstration or coaching of Ricochet Croquet please contact Maurice at ricochet @ croquetvic . asn . au or by phone on 0409 362 947.

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