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Region Director
Marjorie Grant
grantmlo @ outlook . com

Region President
Lea Grant
goulburnvalleyca @ gmail . com

Region Secretary
Sue van Lunenburg
goulburnvalleyca @ gmail . com

Region Treasurer
Margaret Gleeson
goulburnvalleyca @ gmail . com

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Deniliquin Croquet Club

Euroa Croquet Club

Kyabram Croquet Club

Echuca Moama Croquet Club

Mooroopna Croquet Club

Numurkah Croquet Club

Rich River Croquet Club

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Goulburn Valley information

GVCA GC Pennant Final

Kyabram Croquet Club hosted the GVCA Golf Croquet Spring Pennant grand final on 9 December between ladder leaders Rich River Kangas and Deniliquin Blue. It was lovely to see so many spectators enjoying the match, not only from Rich River and Deniliquin, but from all other GVCA clubs too. And we did see some great play from all. We saw plenty of jump shots, in-offs, hoops in one, and successful angle shots. After the two rounds of singles, Rich River were leading 5 games 50 hoops to 3 games 42 hoops. Then Deniliquin ran away with the doubles, winning all four. The end result for the day was Deniliquin 7 games 70 hoops to Rich River 5 games 69 hoops. The hoop difference of one shows how close the games were. Well done to both teams. Thanks to the organisers, referees and all club members who helped make the day a success. Pictured: The winning team of Alan Higgins, John James, Tony Bull and Mary James.

GVCA AC Pennant Final

Our AC Pennant year came to an end with the final held at Mooroopna Croquet Club on 7 Dec. The season was rocky with heavy rain, flooding and road closures causing the cancellation of half the programmed matches. But the weather was pleasant for the final between Rich River and Shepparton, and players and spectators enjoyed the day. After the first two games of Doubles, the teams were tied on games when Kevin Maloney and Joan Robinson of Shepparton defeated Russell Smyth and Ian Grant of Rich River, and the Rich River team of John James and Dave Maher defeated Beryl Kelly and Veronica Richardson. Rich River was only two hoops ahead, but they ran away in the Singles, winning all four games. The final scores were Rich River 5 games 95 hoops, Shepparton 1 game 53 hoops. Congratulations to Russ Smyth and John James of Rich River who both pegged out in their Singles. Pictured: Ian Grant, Dave Maher, John James and Russ Smyth with Lea Grant, GVCA President

GVCA/GMCU Inter-school GC

ENTHUSIASTIC STUDENTS WERE READY TO BLOW THE COVID COBWEBS AWAY....... The GVCA/GMCU Inter-school Golf Croquet Tournament was enjoyed by all present. Upon arrival the students rushed out for practice ignoring the hot and cold food ready for them. Most games were close and there were a couple of 'jump shots' and 'hoops in one' wildly clapped by the spectators. At the Presentations, three teams out of sixteen had won six games - this made the result very interesting, as it then comes down to which team won their games by the most hoops! First time winners were the Goulburn Valley Grammar School 1a1b team, who had tried so hard to win by as many hoops as they could, because the last time they played, the GVGS lost by ONE hoop! They were extremely pleased they'd won by FOUR hoops! Congratulations on a fabulous win. Pictured: L-R Angela Whitlock (Teacher), Mia Wheaton, Riley Onley, Angus Nash, Montanna Burke, Kate Patrick (Croquet Victoria President and U21 Coordinator)

Runners Up, were first time entrants Moama Anglican Grammar School, very ably coached by Dave Maher from the Rich River Croquet Club. A great effort by them. Well Done! Numurkah S.C. deserved a special mention as they'd also won 6 games but were 11 hoops behind. For the first time in this competition, they did extremely well. Trudy Serafini, GVCA/GMCU Inter-school Golf Croquet Tournament Coordinator Pictured: L- R Anthony McMahon (Teacher), Curtis Wood, Keisha Hitchens, Kade Steenhuis, Zach Anthony, Dave Maher (Coach), Kate Patrick (Croquet Victoria President and U21 Coordinator) and Leah Grant (GVCA President)

Annual GVCA v NEDCA Challenge

The third annual GVCA v NEDCA Challenge was held at Mooroopna on 8 Nov. 12 players represented their Association across three divisions, playing 2 singles and 2 doubles. GVCA won with an end result of 23 games 211 hoops to NEDCA’s 13 games 195. GVCA Div 1 players John James, Russ Smyth, Trevor Peters and Robert Jurey beat Kevin Maloney, John Collins, Alan Hunter and Steven Greenway 9 games 78 hoops to 3 games 56. In Div 2 GVCA players Dave Maher, David Ryant, Mary James and Phil Betts faced NEDCA's Andrew Barbero, David Staff, Debbie Hazel and Dawn McQuilton and won 7 games 68 to 5 games 67. In Div 3 GVCA's Geoff Vallance, Ivan Williams, Cherie Lessing and Taryn Arho met NEDCA's Judy Amery, Veronica Richardson, Geoff Richardson and Lorraine Webb. Div 3 result was 7 games to GVCA, 5 games to NEDCA, but NEDCA had 72 hoops to GVCA 65. A great day was had by all. Many thanks go to organisers, refs and Mooroopna Croquet Club for preparing the courts so well following recent flooding

Tournament information

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Association tournament info

GVCA AC @ Rich River 2023

Tournament Notice not available.

(16.0 to 20.0) Dates 25 May 23 - 26 May 23
(14.0 to 10.0) Dates 25 May 23 - 26 May 23
(4.5 to 9.0) Dates 27 May 23 - 28 May 23
(-3.0 to 4.0) Dates 27 May 23 - 28 May 23

Contact - Marjorie Grant 0459 030 338 grantmlo @ outlook . com

GVCA AC @ Rich River 2022

Winner (range 16.0 to 20.0)
David Maher (Rich River)

Runner-up: Beverley Floyd (Rich River)

Winner (range 14.0 to 10.0)
Lois Munro (Swan Hill)

Runner-up: Julie Love (Brighton)

Winner (range 4.5 to 9.0)
Lindsay Patullo (Charlton)

Runner-up: John Young (Mooroopna)

Winner (range -3.0 to 4.0)
Greg Hill (Brunswick)

Runner-up: Andrew Wootton (Brunswick)

Contact - Marjorie Grant 03 5480 9985 grantmlo @ outlook . com

Golf tournament info

GVCA @ Numurkah 2022

Winner (range -6.0 to 20.0)
John Young (Shepparton)

Runner-up: Robert Jurey (Numurkah)

Winner (range -6.0 to 20.0)
Rodney Bensley (Howlong Golf Resort)

Runner-up: Wilma Freeman (Sale)

Winner (range -6.0 to 20.0)
Douglas Nielsen (Howlong Golf Resort)

Runner-up: Helen Brierley (Rich River)

Contact - John Young 0448442231 jyoung1908 @ gmail . com