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Region Director
Marjorie Grant
goulburnvalleyca @ gmail . com

Region President
Lea Grant
goulburnvalleyca @ gmail . com

Region Secretary
Sue van Lunenburg
goulburnvalleyca @ gmail . com

Region Treasurer
Margaret Gleeson
goulburnvalleyca @ gmail . com

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Goulburn Valley information

GVCA AC Singles Tournament

Our AC Tournament at Rich River on 26-29 May had 26 players from 15 clubs. Div 1 winner Greg Hill of Brunswick had 6 wins out of 6, 2 TPs, 5 peg outs and incredibly 120 net hoops. Second placed Andrew Wootton of Brunswick won 5 from 6, pegged out in 4, scored a TP and had 57 net hoops. Div 2 Block A winner John Young of Mooroopna had 3 wins from 4 and 34 net hoops, ahead of Tim Woolford Smith of Port Macquarie with 3 wins and 14 net hoops, each pegging out once. Lindsay Patullo of Charlton won Block B with 4 wins from 4, 1 peg out and 21 net hoops. Runner up Mignon Johnston of Ballarat Alexander had 2 wins and 11 net hoops. The Div 2 final was a well fought battle with Lindsay pegging out to beat John 26 to 9. Lois Munro of Swan Hill won Div 3 with 3 wins from 4 and 24 net hoops, ahead of Julie Love of Brighton with 3 wins and 8 net hoops. In Div 4 Dave Maher of Rich River won with 6 wins from 6 and 61 net hoops. Runner up Bev Floyd of Rich River had 4 wins and -1 net hoops.

GVCA GC Champion of Champions

Our GC Champion of Champions was held April 9 & 10 at Shepparton Croquet Club. The closeness of games demonstrated the spread of good players over the clubs of GVCA. Div 1 had 9 out of 10 games finish 7-6 or 7-5, Div 2 had 7 out of 10 and in Div 3 there were 8. John James of Deniliquin won Div 1, winning all 4 games. John Young of Shepparton was one game behind on 3 wins. Div 2 winner was Dave Maher of Rich River who won 3 out of 4 games. Mary James of Deniliquin, Wayne Comer of Shepparton and Ian Londey of Numurkah won 2 games, with Mary having the best net hoop score of 4. Doc Ryant of Rich River won Div 3, winning 4 out of 5 games. Brian Dudley of Deniliquin, Geoff Vallance of Shepparton and Tony Potts of Kyabram all had 3 wins, and Brian took runner up position with 3 net hoops. Divisional winners played at Cairnlea in the Regional Championships. Unfortunately John withdrew due to ill health, but Dave won 5 out of 11 games, and Doc came in equal 3rd with 8 wins from 12.

GVCA GC Singles Tournament

GVCA's GC Open Singles Tournament was held at Numurkah Croquet Club on March 23 & 24. The weather was kind and the courts were in great condition. We were pleased to welcome 42 players from 18 clubs in Victoria, NSW & ACT. Divisions were played in two blocks, and block winners played off to determine divisional winner and runner up. Block winners Div 1 were Robert Jurey (Numurkah) & John Young (Shepparton), Div 2 Rod Bensley (Howlong) & Wilma Freeman (Sale), Div 3 Doug Nielsen (Howlong) & Helen Brierley (Rich River). Block runners up were Russ Smyth (Rich River), John James (Deniliquin), Jason Threlfall (Mooroopna), David Staff (Benalla), Janine Sisson (Mornington) & Mick Oliver (Yarrawonga). In the playoffs John Young was Div 1 winner over Robert Jurey scoring 7-3. Rod Bensley won Div 2 from Wilma Freeman 7-2, & Div 3 went to Doug Nielsen over Helen Brierley 7-4. Thanks go to Tournament Managers John & Jeanette Young, June Hoge & her team of refs and the Numurkah Croquet Club

GVCA Champion of Champions

Our Champion of Champions was held at Rich River on March 15 & 16. Club Champions from Echuca-Moama, Mooroopna, Numurkah, Rich River and Shepparton vied for the honour of representing GVCA in the Vic Regional Championships in Traralgon in April. Competition was fierce and results in each division came down to the last game. Kenn Boal (Rich River) played well in Div 1, taking the honours with Kevin Maloney (Shepparton) runner up. 3 players competed in Div 2 and before the last game Russ Smyth (Rich River)and Cheryl O'Dwyer (Numurkah) had won 2 games each. In the last game, Russ took the title with Cheryl runner up in the division. Div 3 was won by John Young (Shepparton) and runner up was John Alstin (Echuca Moama) after 4 players competed in a round robin. Div 4 also had 4 players in a round robin. Dave Maher (Rich River) took the win ahead of Jeanette Young (Mooroopna). Thank you to Rich River Croquet Club, organisers, referees, hostesses and all who contributed to a great day

GVCA AC Singles Tournament

Division 4 of the GVCA Association Croquet Open Singles Tournament was played at Rich River Croquet Club on May 27 & 28 2021. Due to the Victorian Covid-19 lockdown Divisions 1 & 2 competition on May 29 & 30 had to be cancelled. We enjoyed some close competition in the Div 4 round robin. Our winner was John James of Deniliquin who played very strongly to win all four of his games, pegging out in two of them and scoring 91 hoops. Runner up was Bruce Shaw of Maryborough who won three out of his four games, pegging out in all three, and only losing to John. Bruce finished with 94 hoops. Third place went to John Murdoch of Quarry Hill and fourth to Dave Maher of Rich River. Well done to all players who competed with friendly rivalry and great spirits. Thank you to tournament manager Marjorie Grant and her team of helpers for putting together a successful, if shortened, tournament.

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Association tournament info

GVCA AC @ Rich River 2023

Tournament Notice not available.

(16.0 to 20.0) Dates 25 May 23 - 26 May 23
(14.0 to 10.0) Dates 25 May 23 - 26 May 23
(4.5 to 9.0) Dates 27 May 23 - 28 May 23
(-3.0 to 4.0) Dates 27 May 23 - 28 May 23

Contact - Marjorie Grant 03 5480 9985 grantmlo @ outlook . com

GVCA AC @ Rich River 2022

Winner (range 16.0 to 20.0)
David Maher (Rich River)

Runner-up: Beverley Floyd (Rich River)

Winner (range 14.0 to 10.0)
Lois Munro (Swan Hill)

Runner-up: Julie Love (Brighton)

Winner (range 4.5 to 9.0)
Lindsay Patullo (Charlton)

Runner-up: John Young (Mooroopna)

Winner (range -3.0 to 4.0)
Greg Hill (Brunswick)

Runner-up: Andrew Wootton (Brunswick)

Contact - Marjorie Grant 03 5480 9985 grantmlo @ outlook . com

Golf tournament info

GVCA @ Shepparton 2023

Tournament Notice not available.

(-6.0 to 20.0) Dates 22 Mar 23 - 23 Mar 23

Contact - John Young 0488 442 231

GVCA @ Numurkah 2022

Winner (range -6.0 to 20.0)
John Young (Shepparton)

Runner-up: Robert Jurey (Numurkah)

Winner (range -6.0 to 20.0)
Rodney Bensley (Howlong Golf Resort)

Runner-up: Wilma Freeman (Sale)

Winner (range -6.0 to 20.0)
Douglas Nielsen (Howlong Golf Resort)

Runner-up: Helen Brierley (Rich River)

Contact - John Young 0448442231 jyoung1908 @ gmail . com