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Region Director
Eileen Gough
eileenpgough @ gmail . com

Region President
Cherry Bluff
kncbluff @ gmail . com

Region Secretary
Eileen Gough
atgeelongcroquet @ gmail . com

Region Treasurer
Gillian Horvath
kandgh2 @ bigpond . com

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Affiliated clubs

Colac Croquet Club

Drysdale Croquet Club

Belmont Croquet Club

Geelong Eastern Park Croquet Club

Queenscliff Croquet Club

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Geelong Constitution

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Geelong information

GCA Open 12th-13th March G/C

Section 1 winner - Shane Downie Traralgon Runner Up Claire Keeting Williamstown Section 2 winner - Malcolm Biddle Eastern Park Runner Up Richard Hingst Ivanhoe Park Section 3 winner - George Train Drysdale Runner Up Jim Jackson Belmont

2021 GC Championships

Winner Section 1 06-5 h/c Ian Petersen Belmont Winner Section 2 6-8 h/c Margo Paton Belmont Winner Section 3 9+ h/c George Train Drysdale

2021 A/C Regionals - Traralgon

Section 1 - Stephen Foster - BCC Winner Section 2 - Kevin Bluff - BCC Runner up Section 3 - Kim Collins - EPCC Runner up Section 4 - Maureen Alberts - EPCC Winner


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Geelong CA Open 2022

Winner (range -6.0 to 4.0)
Shane Downie (Traralgon)

Runner-up: Claire Keating (Williamstown)

Winner (range 5.0 to 8.0)
Malcolm Biddle (Geelong Eastern Park)

Runner-up: Richard Hingst (Ivanhoe Park)

Winner (range 9.0 to 20.0)
George Train (Drysdale)

Runner-up: Jim Jackson (Belmont)

Contact - Tony Pye 0448 501 666 magpye @ ncable . net . au