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Region Director
Wayne Worladge
03 9885 1832
worladge @ gmail . com

Region President
Wayne Worladge
9802 0497
jilldj888 @ bigpond . com

Region Secretary
Wendy Thomson
0429 009 973
emcacroquet @ gmail . com

Region Treasurer
Wendy Thomson
0438 625 556
john . wendythomson @ gmail . com

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Ivanhoe Park Croquet Club

Kew Croquet Club

Lilydale Croquet Club

MCC Croquet Club

Monash Croquet Club

Ringwood Croquet Club

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Eastern Metro information

EMCA championship
2017 winners were Section 1, Richard Parks (Monash); Section 2, Colin Melville (MCC); Section 3, Margaret Roycroft (Lilydale). Thank you to all who entered and helped with organisation. The 2018 championships, originally scheduled for May, will be held at a date to be advised.

Regional challenge
Our representatives in the 2018 regional challenge were John van der Touw (section 1), Heather Hyatt (section 2) and Dominic Moss (section 3). Dominic won his section, and John was runner-up in his. Overall, EMCA was third. Congratulations to the players.

Bear Cup
The Bear Cup is an annual tournament between the EMCA clubs: Kew, Ivanhoe, Lilydale, MCC, Monash, and Ringwood. The clubs host the event in turn, and play for a magnificent trophy: a little stuffed bear in a silver cup.

Some years ago, each club was represented on the VCA. A change was made so that we had regional representation instead. The clubs in our region, EMCA, weren�t at all sure that this was going to work well. To boost camaraderie between the clubs, and individual friendships between players, this competition was set up.

The 2016 Bear Cup was hosted by Monash, and won by Kew. Ringwood hosted the 2017 Bear Cup, which was won by MCC with Monash runner-up.

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