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Region Director
Jan MacDonald
0429 462 390
jmmacdonne00 @ gmail . com

Region President
Jan MacDonald
0429 462 390
jmmacdonne00 @ gmail . com

Region Secretary
Brian Loughran
brianjloughran @ gmail . com

Region Treasurer
Des Buckmaster
des . buckmaster @ gmail . com

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Bendigo Croquet Club

Castlemaine Croquet Club

Eaglehawk Community Croquet Club

Maryborough Croquet Club

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The Purposes of the Association are:
1. To accept and abide by the Rules and Regulations governing all Malletsports in Victoria and Australia as advocated by the Victorian Croquet Association Inc (VCA), the Australian Croquet Association Inc(ACA) and the World Croquet Federation (WCF).
2. To advance interest in and facilitate the playing of organised Malletsports at all levels, in all forms and for all abilities, and, in doing so, foster and promote both social and competitive events.
3. To maintain affiliation with the VCA as determined by it, and, through VCA, with the ACA and WCF upon payment of relevant fees due by all members annually.
4. The Association comprises persons who are members of any VCA affiliated club and who have paid the requisite fee and whose name, date of joining and contact details have been entered in the Association Register. For the purposes of the Associations Act the term 'member' refers to a member of an affiliated club.

Jan MacDonald Profile

Interests. I have had an interest in community matters for many years as well as singing, alternative/natural therapies i.e.: meditation, massage, etc. Studied at Castlemaine School of Healing Arts for 3 years 91/2/3 also Meditation teaching with Ian Gawler and others. Very short Business course through CVGT and Level two personal care (aged care /disability).

Currently. President of Goldfields C.A. and Regional Director, member of Eaglehawk. Community Croquet Club.

Played indoor bowls, golf, and table tennis for a while until I found golf croquet about 12-13 years ago

Why do I play golf croquet? It challenges me and is very skilful it’s a great social outlet and you meet some terrific people. My thought when I play is to do the best I can and enjoy the game, if I win it is a bonus.