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Region Director
Kevin Beard
0417 572 232
kbeard64 @ gmail . com

Region Secretary
Peter Spruzen
wmcmasecretary @ gmail . com

Region Treasurer
Claire Keating

wmcmasecretary @ gmail . com

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Affiliated clubs

Brunswick Mallet Sports Club

Brimbank Croquet Club

Essendon Croquet Club

Williamstown Croquet Club

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Western Metro Croquet and Malletsports Constitution

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About the WMCMA

All affiliated members of the Brunswick, Brimbank, Essendon and Williamstown clubs are full members of the Western Metro Croquet and Malletsports Association Inc (WMCMA). Responsibility for administration of the WMCMA is rotated between the constituent clubs.

WMCMA meetings are an opportunity for members to discuss regional matters, and to provide input on state matters for the regional director to take to the VCA Council.

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