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Des Buckmaster (Castlemaine)

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Association Croquet

Handicap: 20.0 (Index: 930)

Golf Croquet

Handicap: 12.0 (Index: 1101)


I first played croquet as a teenager at a prestigious British boarding school (which I loathed!). The lawn was beautifully manicured and it appeared to me that the main purpose of the game (as far as I could work out) was to be as ruthlessly cruel to your opponent as possible.

In 1974, I travelled overland to Australia and in 1982, I married and had two children (sons). I remember showing my wife how to play croquet at the Marysville Guest House (and she beat me!).

But I next played croquet regularly in 2013 when my (second) wife and I joined the Kew Croquet Club. Willingly coached by several association players I also absorbed the prevailing sentiment that golf croquet was inferior and to be avoided.

In early 2018 my wife passed away and two years later I sold the family home and moved to Castlemaine. There I quickly learnt that GC was in fact a lot of fun and, covid-restrictions permitting, played usually 3 times a week.

My elder son tutors in maths and English and my younger son is is an associate professor of maths at Princeton University, NJ, USA. Recently I met his daughter, my 15-month granddaughter for the first time.

The profile photo was taken at Bowdon Croquet Club in the UK in 2019.

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Victorian Tournament Successes

Swan Hill (Association) 2021/2022
Range: 18.0 to 20.0