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Jim Clement (Bairnsdale, Lakes Entrance, Sale)

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Association Croquet

Handicap: 20.0 (Index: 950)

Golf Croquet

Handicap: 5.0 (Index: 1434)


Jim began playing croquet as a foundation member of Sarsfield Croquet Club in 2005 and now plays Golf Croquet at Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale clubs and is learning to play Association Croquet at Sale.

Gaining accreditation as a Golf Croquet Referee in 2006, Jim has been an active referee since, officiating at Club, Region, State, National and International level, as either a referee or the Tournament Referee. He is also an accredited Level 3 Golf Croquet coach and presenter.

Jim was Secretary of Sarsfield club from its inception in 2005 until 2021 when it ceased operations, and was its delegate to, and a member of, the Gippsland Croquet Association Council 2005-21 and GCA Treasurer 2016-21. He was Secretary of Croquet Victoria, June 2010 to June 2016. In August 2016, he was appointed President, to fill the casual vacancy left by his predecessor's resignation, and he stood down at the June 2022 AGM. He was appointed Croquet Australia Assistant Treasurer in March 2010, elected Honorary Treasurer in 2013 and 2014, and elected Secretary in 2015. Following the establishment of the ACA Board after the adoption of the new Constitution, he was appointed to that Board by Croquet Victoria, and stood down at the 2016 AGM. He was subsequently appointed Secretary to the Board in April 2019 and resigned from that position in March 2023.

In life before retirement Jim was a bank officer 1962-66, an Army Officer 1966 -1988, and ran a grounds care business 1988-2000. He holds a Certificate in Recreation Turf Management from VCAH Burnley (1991) and studied at Chisholm Institute during 2014 and was awarded a Diploma of Business (Governance) in November of that year.

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Victorian Tournament Successes

Sale Singles (Association) 2023/2024
Range: 18.0 to 20.0

Sale (Association) 2022/2023
Range: 20.0 to 20.0

Sale Open (Golf) 2011/2012
Range: 8.0 to 9.0

Bairnsdale Annual Golf Croquet Singles Tournament (Golf) 2010/2011
Range: 9.0 to 11.0