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Australian Doubles Championships continued

This morning we have Malcolm and Greg Fletcher playing the USA team of Steve Morgan and Thomas Balding.

Robert Fletcher and Pete Landrebe playing Owen Dickinson and Gary Phipps. These will be a Best of 3 semi and final. 

In the Y final we have Lindsay Patello and Helen Gammon playing Andy Barbero and Richard Hingst. This will be for 5&6 place.



Australian Open Doubles Championships 

Currently the 2024 Australian Open Doubles is being played at VCC.

We have a high class field of players with the 3 Fletcher brothers ,2 USA players who  are highly world ranked and many highly ranked interstate and Victorian players.



Current news

News Date: 2024-05-10
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Posted on: 2024-05-10
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AC Tournament Play Returns to Ringwood and Kew

For many years, both Ringwood and Kew Croquet Clubs held annual open Association Croquet tournaments.  However, since 2019, circumstances (Covid, reduced number of knowledgeable officials, and court conditions) have resulted in an absence.  This year, the two clubs decided to hold a split tournament between the clubs, helping each other in the tasks.

Ringwood started by hosting players in the handicap ranges -3 to 11 on 13 and 14 April in delightful conditions. 


There were three players in Division 1 (allowing a double round robin) and six in Division 2 (which was played as a round robin).  Chris Grant acted as Tournament Manager and player, Mike Cohn as referee throughout.  The winner of Division 1 was Greg Hill (Brunswick) on 3 games, with Lachlan Berryman (MCC) runner-up on 2 games.  Division 2 was close with two players on 4 games; Graham Fahey (MCC) won over Andrew Moulton (Brunswick).  Prizes were presented by Ringwood President Barbara Blackmur.

Kew held play over three days 3 to 5 May, also in near perfect conditions.

There were six players in each of Division 3 (Handicap 12-16) and six in Division 4 (18-20), so a full round robin could be completed.  Mike Cohn acted as Tournament Manager and Referee, and Chris Grant as Referee.  In Division 3, the top two players were on 4 games, with Julie Love (Brighton) winning over Rob Loutit (MCC).  In Division 4, there were three players on 3 games, with Sue Fotheringham (Elwood) winning over Wayne McGregor (MCC).   Prizes were presented by Jess Wilson MP, the State Member for Kew.

Pleasingly, every player won at least one game.  All present had a good time.

A tournament is not complete without catering.  Ringwood led the way with excellent refreshments, lunches and a lovely final afternoon tea provided by a team led by Janet McLennan.  Kew responded with similar offerings, but with some different innovations, led by Associate Member Andrew Moulton and his wife Elizabeth.

It was pleasing that at both clubs, there were spectators including members present with little knowledge of AC.  Perhaps we kindled some interest in the GC fraternity.

Overall, a success and we look forward to cooperating again next year.


Later news


The Australian Croquet Open Singles Championship was held from 8- 12th May at VCC.

The croquet on show was awesome with top world ranking players including the 3 Fletcher brothers (with Greg having travelled from Germany to be at VCC )and 2 USA competitors along with Australian top ranking GC players from  all states.

Melbourne had most favorable weather so play was not inhibited in any way.




Decision on Victorian Croquet Centre

At Croquet Victoria's Annual General Meeting on 17 June, the 14 Regional delegates voted unanimously in favour of the following motion for the future of the Victorian Croquet Centre:

In recognition of the need to strengthen the financial structure of the Victorian Croquet Centre, the Croquet Victoria Council should develop, implement and monitor a five-year Business Plan for the Victorian Croquet Centre with the aim of diversifying revenue and increasing usage.

This decision follows widespread interest and thought across Croquet Victoria in discussion of options for the future of the VCC. 

The five year horizon approved in this motion will enable Croquet Victoria to focus on the centre and generate a substantially enhanced and productive program of events, including potentially international events, national events, and local partnerships and bookings.