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Robert Fletcher success in England

Croquet Victoria congratulates Robert Fletcher on taking out the 2023 British Golf Croquet Open. Robert defeated Reg Bamford of South Africa, 7-0 & 7-5 in the final.

 Robert began his Championship campaign with wins over Richard Bilton and Aston Wade of England before beating Stephen Mulliner, also of England 7-5 & 7-5 to qualify for the final.



Victorian Women's and Men’s Association Croquet Championships

The Victorian Croquet Centre at Cairnlea hosted the Association Croquet Women’s and Men’s Championships on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd September. We had some interstate players – Nerida Taylor and Tim Murphy from NSW and Dwayne McCormick from SA.  Also, it was great to have Greg Fletcher playing again.  He is living in Germany and playing a few tournaments while on a shortish visit to Australia.

There was a field of 6 in the Women’s event and so they all played each other in a round robin.  Elaine Coverdale (Essendon) and Tricia Devlin (Castlemaine) both won 4 out of their 5 games and played off in the final. Tricia got a bit of a start with both balls but lost the innings.  Elaine played some great shots to start her first break of 9 including a take-off the full length of the lawn and then a superb 30-yard rush from corner 3 to hoop 1.  Her second break was equally impressive. Elaine won the final 21-4 for her 4th Victorian AC Women’s Championship.



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Association Croquet – Brian Reither Challenge Cup 2023

The Victorian Croquet Centre at Cairnlea hosted the Brian Reither Challenge Cup on the weekend of 9th and 10th September. This is the third year the event has been run and it is named in honour of Croquet Victoria Life Member, Brian Reither.  Brian kindly offered to be Tournament Manager this year.

There was a field of 10 playing in two round robin blocks of five.  In Block A, Robert Fletcher won all four of his games while Greg Hill lost only one game, which was to Robert.  In Block B, the 3rd seed Lachlan Berryman was the standout winning all his games.  Second place getter in the block was Greg Fletcher with 3 wins from 4 games. Greg completed two triple peels whilst Lachlan completed one.


In the single-game semi-finals, Robert Fletcher defeated Greg Fletcher 26TP-0 and Greg Hill defeated Lachlan Berryman 26-10.

In the best-of-3 final, Greg Hill had most of the play in the first game and won 26-0. 

In the second game, Robert Fletcher made the first 9 hoops and Greg hit the lift and commenced a TPO (triple peel on opponent where Greg was attempting to peel Robert’s forward ball through its remaining 3 hoops and peg it off).  The manoeuvre came unstuck when Greg was unable to successfully peel the ball through the final rover hoop giving Robert contact and all four balls on the court.  Robert took full advantage, pegged one of Greg’s balls off and played particularly well.  At one point he ran 1-back (hoop 7) all the way to A-baulk to pick up Greg’s remaining ball and include it in a 3-ball break to the peg.  Robert won the second game 26-13.

In the third game, there was a bit of interaction to begin with.  Robert got his first ball around to 4-back and left a defensive leave.  Greg missed his lift shot and in Robert’s next turn he rushed a ball from corner 2 into corner 4 to create a cannon and to establish a break which enabled him to win 26TP-1 in this turn.

This was Robert’s third victory in the three years of the event.

The full results can be found at:

Thanks to Chas Quinn and Robert and Greg Fletcher for help setting up the courts and everyone for clearing up afterwards.  Thank you to Chris Grant, Brian Foley, Mike Cohn and Kate Patrick for refereeing. And thanks to Brian Reither for managing the tournament and allowing me time to play.

Kevin Beard
Deputy Tournament Manager


Brian Reither presents the Brian Reither Challenge Cup to the winner Robert Fletcher.jpeg
Runner up Greg Hill.jpeg
Third place getter Greg Fletcher with Deputy TM Kevin Beard.jpeg


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