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President’s Day Event was held on Saturday April 22nd in appreciation of the work done by Betty Etherton at both HCC and WCA. This was a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research.

We are so pleased to announce $1,450 was raised on that day. What a fantastic amount, thanks to all who helped in any way, either in attendance or by donation. Approx. 40 people turned up during the day and 28 members played 3 games of Golf Croquet. Local Businesses donated vouchers which were auctioned off and many lucky prizes were won.

Div. 1 - Shirley Price -David Wortley

Div. 2 - Gwen McCartney- Jean Burke

Div. 3 - Brian Drendel-Rachel Cousins



Croquet Victoria Life Membership awarded to Daphne Alcorn (Brighton)

Croquet Victoria VCA Life Membership to Daphne Alcorn on 6 April 2023.

Kate Patrick, President of the Croquet Victoria, was joined by the Brighton Croquet Club Committee and Club Members to celebrate Daphne’s many achievements and contributions to the sport of croquet in Victoria. She has been an ambassador and role model for new and established players for more than 40 years and has been especially inspirational for female croquet players.

Daphne has been active in many roles at the State, Regional and Club levels, including:
• State Handicapper for Association Croquet
• Croquet Victoria Committee Member as Assistant to the Secretary and Treasurer
• Association Referee for 30 years
• Represented Victoria in 1996, 1997 and 2000 (Eire Cup)
• Bronze Medal winner in Division 2
• Commonwealth Sport Achievement Award, 2003 – the first croquet official and player to be given this award
• Bayside Regional President for 6 years, 2015-2021
• Brighton Croquet Club Secretary for 21 years (a Club record), and Club President for 6 years. During this period Daphne’s leadership was central to ensuring a sustainable future for the Club and on-going vibrant participation in both Association and Golf croquet.
Daphne led the club in
o rebuilding the Clubhouse after fire gutted the western end in 1992
o refurbishing the lawns after major flooding
o organising the Centenary Celebrations in 2011


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News Date: 2023-04-25
Posted by: Rita and Kate
Posted on: 2023-05-04
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Australian GC Singles streaming this weekend

The Australian Open Golf Croquet Singles have reached the knockout phase.

The finals are being played at the Victorian Croquet Centre this weekend under blue skies and bright sun.

If you can't drop by, you can watch the live stream on Vimeo:





The Australian Open Doubles Tournament  was held at Cairnlea 6th to 9th May 2023

Entries consisted of 21 pairs from around Australia, many of which were playing as a double pair for the 1st time which made viewing very interesting. The weather was not initially favorable for this 4 day event with rain , cold wind and low temperatures, fortunately for the finals the weather did improve and was cool and clear for the finals.

The event was played as a round robin with the top 8 pairs going through to a knock out – positions 5 and 6 going into a Consolation final and the remaining players participating in a plate event.

Ed Wilson and Malcolm Fletcher made a very challenging doubles team and although losing one match in the rounds came through with flying colors to win the event showing why they both hold high Australian world rankings. Challenges came from many areas with second place going to a well known doubles partnering of  Brett and Janine McHardy. Third place was Marty Clarke  WA who partnered with Lindsay Patullo from Charlton Victoria an up and coming Victorian GC player who was competing in this event for his first time.