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The Jean Rentoul Memorial

The Jean Rentoul Memorial is an AC Tournament open to women with an Association Handicap of between 10 and 20 and this year’s event was held at The Victorian Croquet Centre on Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd of March.

Jean was a long-time member of Queenscliff Croquet Club who passed away at 105 years of age, still enamored with our sport and keen to see Association croquet live on. Jean left a bequest to establish a Tournament that encourages women who may not otherwise engage with competition croquet or may feel like they don’t play at a level where they can compete on a level footing. Jean’s aim was to encourage high handicap women to “get involved” and to experience Tournament play - and this year’s competitors certainly embraced the fun, the camaraderie and the contest that Tournament play provides. Jean’s very generous gift means that every year, there is a sizeable prize up for grabs, something that is rarely offered, even to the elite players. This year five women fought for the prize pool of $500 and we recognize and thank Jean for the opportunity she has provided and the legacy for the endurance of Association croquet that she has left.

 Competitors Jean Rentoul Memorial 

Kate Patrick, Katrina Petersen, Dianna Evans


Winner Naomi Patullo, Katrina Petersen, Sue Chandler




Victorians elected to Croquet Australia board

Congratulations to Sarina Cevaal-Hewitt and Claire Keating, who were elected to the Croquet Australia Board at the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

Claire, who is Croquet Victoria's Treasurer, has been elected as Treasurer of the Board, with Jim Nicholls (NSW) continuing as Chair.

Secretary Jim Clement has indicated that he is resigning - a successor has yet to be appointed.

Other members of the Board are Pat Habner (Queensland), Max Kewish (WA), Barbara Northcott (Queensland), and Nick Chapman (NSW). 


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Thanks to the HORSHAM CROQUET CLUB for having their ANNUAL PRESIDENT'S DAY for me. Donations on that day will go directly to OVARIAN CANCER RESEARCH (an event has been made that you can donate to, AWARENESS of mutation cancer genes may include EVERY ONE is the AIM. PLEASE SHARE


As you can already see on the event link $50 has already been donated, social media is a great way informing people, but awareness how these genes may affect us all.

Betty Etherton


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VCA Golf Croquet Selections Invitation and ACA Golf Croquet Bronze Medal

Once again Cairnlea provided a great weekend  ( 15th and 16th April ) for competition with the VCA Golf Croquet  Selectors Invitation  and the  ACA Golf Croquet Bronze Medal ( Vic Division) being played simultaneously. Competition was high quality with everyone winning games for the weekend.

Weather as usual was unpredictable for this time of  year with  Saturday commencing cool but pleasant, however the cool  Cairnlea wind blew up later in the day along with very overcast skies and some light showers. Overnight heavy rain cleared to a  fine but cool overcast Sunday  with minimal wind. Luckily weather didn’t dampen enthusiasm and quality of play.

Both events were a Round Robin event played over 2 days- with no finals required

In the Selectors Invitation – 11 players battled for position .

It was wonderful to see players from throughout the state showing what their potential and skills could offer- many players would not have met or competed against each other prior to this competition. All players had great talent and again friendship and support on offer was wonderful to see. Anyone having the chance to participate in this event should be proud of the level to which they have achieved and be aware of the potential that others obviously see within them. Sometimes as players we can be overly critical of ourselves and hesitant to put our ability on show with the fear we will embarrass ourselves. The selectors were smart in selection of players and have shown  clearly Victoria has  a growing future potential of talent if players are willing to take that risk and play tournaments. All selected players should be very proud of their achievements and performance.

A  special mention must be made to James Turton from Drysdale played extremely well  and will be a force to be watched over the coming years if he continues to persue his career in croquet. This was James’s first tournament at Cairnlea.



Croquet Victoria Life Membership awarded to Daphne Alcorn (Brighton)

Croquet Victoria VCA Life Membership to Daphne Alcorn on 6 April 2023.

Kate Patrick, President of the Croquet Victoria, was joined by the Brighton Croquet Club Committee and Club Members to celebrate Daphne’s many achievements and contributions to the sport of croquet in Victoria. She has been an ambassador and role model for new and established players for more than 40 years and has been especially inspirational for female croquet players.

Daphne has been active in many roles at the State, Regional and Club levels, including:
• State Handicapper for Association Croquet
• Croquet Victoria Committee Member as Assistant to the Secretary and Treasurer
• Association Referee for 30 years
• Represented Victoria in 1996, 1997 and 2000 (Eire Cup)
• Bronze Medal winner in Division 2
• Commonwealth Sport Achievement Award, 2003 – the first croquet official and player to be given this award
• Bayside Regional President for 6 years, 2015-2021
• Brighton Croquet Club Secretary for 21 years (a Club record), and Club President for 6 years. During this period Daphne’s leadership was central to ensuring a sustainable future for the Club and on-going vibrant participation in both Association and Golf croquet.
Daphne led the club in
o rebuilding the Clubhouse after fire gutted the western end in 1992
o refurbishing the lawns after major flooding
o organising the Centenary Celebrations in 2011