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2022 Brian Reither Association Croquet Challenge Cup

This event will be livestreamed from the Victorian Croquet Centre, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September 2022.
Click on this link to watch the livestream:



VCA AC Men’s and Women’s Championships

These two Tournaments were run alongside each other at Cairnlea last weekend and what a lovely thing it is to look out those enormous viewing windows and see competition in full swing. As always, kudos and many thanks to Lester, Kevin, Owen, Chas and all the team who keep the courts in such great condition and have it ready with hoops set and lawns looking great.

 4 women fought for the Title of the Women’s Champion, by playing a double round robin over the 2 days. These were hard fought battles – only one game finished with a peg-out, the other 11 games went the full 2½ hours and all of the women had a win over the course of the Tournament.


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News Date: 2022-09-11
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Posted on: 2022-09-11
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The Brian Reither Cup

10 competitors battled the elements - and each other - on Saturday and Sunday for the honour and prestige of this year’s Brian Reither Cup.

The block play rounds were, on the whole, pretty even affairs and produced some wonderful croquet. We saw five triple peels in total, with three in the block rounds, one in the semi finals and one in the Final, surpassed only by Robert’s sextuple in the first game of that same Final, making for some high level play ahead of the ACA Tournaments coming up very soon and the MacRobertson Shield in November. It’s certainly an exciting time for Association croquet at the moment and we are very lucky to have the opportunity to watch the levels of play that all of the competitors showed over the weekend.

Two blocks of five playing a single round robin of their block in 2¼ hour games, whittled the contestants down to four. Those progressing to the 2½ hour single game semi finals were Robert Fletcher (Ballarat Alexandra) and Claire Bassett (Rich River) from Block A and Trevor Bassett (Cooks River, NSW) and Lachlan Berryman (MCC) from Block B. Robert and Trevor prevailed and then battled each other in a best of 3, 2½ hour games, match.


Robert showed us croquet at its finest winning the first game with a sextuple 26SXP-1 and the second with a triple peel 26TP-0. Congratulations to both Robert and Trevor on a mighty weekend.

Claire and Lachlan fought it out for 3rd and 4th positions, the score there finishing up at 26-2 in Lachlan’s favour.

Thank you to all of the players for a wonderful weekend of competition. Thanks also to Mike Cohn and Brian Foley for being our Referees.

I look forward to October when we have AC Tournaments at Cairnlea every weekend before the MacRob hits us on the 12th of November.

Katrina Petersen

Tournament Manager


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Brighton Croquet Club Annual Tournament 2022

Brighton Croquet Club were thrilled to be able to hold their annual tournament once again, after a two year hiatus.

Held on the first two weekends in September, the first weekend is for Division 1 and 2.  Unfortunately this year it clashed with another comp for players of the same calibre.  We could not hold a Div 1 event due to insufficient numbers, but Div 2 went ahead – Trevor Taylor (MCC) won Andrew Moulton (Brunswick) was runner up. (as pictured L-R)