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Relaxed COVID orders UPDATED - more responsibility for clubs and organisers

The Victorian Government has just announced a series of significant changes in COVID policy. See

  • Double vaxxing is not required for sporting activities (except for "specified workers", including sports volunteers)
  • QR check-in has been suspended
  • Individuals who test positive for COVID are responsible for notifying close and social contacts themselves - including notifying their croquet club if they attended there during the 48 hours before symptoms started, or they got their positive result
  • Clubs and event organisers are responsible for notifying anyone who may have been a close or social contact

This means clubs and event organisers need to ensure they maintain detailed attendance records, including arrival and departure times.

It is still open to clubs to require that anyone attending be fully vaxxed / excepted.



Social Golf Croquet at Colac Mallet Sports Club

The Colac Mallet Sports Club Inc. held a very fun social golf croquet day on April 2nd at our club. There were 32 players from Colac and other clubs registered for the day.

We were able to set up some additional small courts on the adjacent tennis courts, which added a dimension if challenge to the games (of dense lawn and rough surfaces).


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News Date: 2022-04-30
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Posted on: 2022-05-01
News Type: General

Victoria Golf Croquet Regional Championships

This year’s Vic Golf Croquet Regional Championships were held at the Victorian Croquet Centre over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of April. It was truly wonderful to have all 14 regions represented in 2 Divisions or more, so the Courts and the venue were full and bursting with life and energy. After such a long time of restrictions and cancellations, it was fantastic to see Cairnlea thriving on the hustle and bustle once again. Chilly mornings gave way to two lovely days of hard-fought croquet and some very even and exciting competitions. 

Several of the players in this year’s Regionals had never been to Cairnlea before and weren’t quite sure what to expect. It’s also wonderful to catch up with people again who I usually only see at this Tournament once a year. Every single person did their Region proud and it was an absolute joy to be around so many people enjoying the venue, enjoying the croquet and representing their Region with a great deal of dignity, fun and spirit of adventure.

Not one of our competitors went home without a win, so thank you all for the manner in which you approached this Tournament and the fun, friendly and fierce way you played your croquet. There were many, many close games of 7-5 or 7-6 and lots of battle stories of miracle hoops gained, or groan-worthy near misses that will be told back home for a while to come.

 14 Regions competing meant 14 Referees officiating each day and to them, I am eternally grateful. You all conducted yourselves in an incredibly professional manner and you kept the Tournament running beautifully. With a full complement of 14 Regions competing in Division 3, we were under real and constant time pressure and the job you all did to keep things moving along was a massive reason why the Tournament went as smoothly as it did. Thank you all so very much.

After two long, exhausting (none of us are used to this much croquet anymore - Thank Goodness for RNB’s Coffee and Cake fundraiser!) and hopefully fun-filled days – and after Amos’ final circuit to check that all lawns had been brought in and safely put away - the results were as follows:-

 Division 1

Winner: Daryl Henderson (Murray Valley) - Pictured

Runner-Up: Helen Gammon (Eastern Metro)

Division 2

Winner: Brendan Aikman (Goldfields) - Pictured

Runner-Up: Richard Hingst (Eastern Metro)

Division 3

Winner: Lindsay Patullo (Murray Valley) - Pictured

Runner-Up: Janine Sisson (South East Metro)


The overall Region winner is the Region with the highest aggregate hoop score. If two teams are level on aggregate hoops, the Shield is won by the team with the higher nett hoop score. This doesn’t happen often, but this year it did, in fact, come down to hoop differential with second place going to Geelong, well done to the Geelong team.

The winner of the Lefel Shield for 2022 was Murray Valley Croquet Association. Congratulations to Murray Valley and, in fact, to everyone involved. Tournaments are what the people involved make them and every one of you contributed to making this year’s Regionals a success.

Thank you all and I hope to see all of you back fighting hard and having fun again this time next year.

Katrina Petersen



Later news


Live streamed croquet: the Australian GC Singles

The Victorian Croquet Centre is in the midst of hosting two major events.

The 2022 Australian Golf Croquet Open Doubles began on 7 May 2022, and the Singles began on 11 May 2022.

We are thrilled to be able to livestream the final three days of the Singles, from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 May 2022. Livestreaming will be from 10 am until 3 pm on each of the three days.

Please share this link with your colleagues and friends.