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GC Rules 6th Edition – Consultation Draft published

The WCF Golf Croquet Rules Committee has published a Consultation Draft of the proposed 6th Edition of the WCF Rules of Golf Croquet.



Amir Ramsis Naguib is inducted into the WCF Hall of Fame

It is announced with great pleasure that  Amir Ramsis Naguib has been inducted into the WCF Hall of Fame.

Amir has been a driving force in the development of Golf Croquet, both for Egypt and globally. He was President of the WCF for eight years, retiring in 2019 and continues to serve on the Management Committee


Current news

News Date: 2021-11-21
Posted by: Kate Patrick
Posted on: 2021-11-24
News Type: Association

Unusual Victorian Association Croquet Men’s Championship

With only three entries for the Victorian AC Women’s Championship, the event was abandoned for this year.  However, the women that did enter wanted to play croquet, so they were included in the field of the Men’s Championship and acquitted themselves well.

The event was held at the Victorian Croquet Centre on 20-21 November 2021 and was televised as a ‘Freebie’ on Kayo. 

The format was two blocks (one of 7, one of 8) playing a round robin, followed by a single game final between the winners of the two blocks.  The courts were a bit quicker than earlier tournaments in October and speeded up even more in the afternoons.

Lack of practice due to COVID-19 meant most players found it hard to complete breaks and, with the 2 hour 15 minute time limit, many games went to time.  There were no triple peels during the tournament.

In Block 1, Chris Grant won all his games (7 wins, +83 net hoops) with Ken Bald (5 wins, +66 hoops) and Greg Hill (5 wins, +54 hoops).  Christine Eiffert had 2 wins in this block.

In Block 2, one player withdrew prior to play on the Sunday because he was notified by his employer on Saturday night to isolate until he received a negative COVID test result.  He tested negative but, because he didn’t play everyone in the block, his game results were excluded from the tournament (they were included for handicapping and world rankings).  Kevin Beard won all his games (5 wins, +52 net hoops) with Malcolm Biddle (4 wins, +53 hoops) and Simon Watkins (3 wins, +21 hoops).  Elaine Coverdale had 2 wins and Mignon Johnston had 1 win.

The final was won by Kevin Beard defeating Chris Grant 26-0.

Full results can be found at

If you missed the live-streaming, the tournament will remain available on Kayo at - Sign up for KayoSports/Freebies (no payment required) and search for croquet. If you have trouble, check out our Help document.

The next events scheduled to be live streamed on Kayo are the GC Women’s and Men’s Championships (27-28 Nov).

Thanks to Brian Reither for managing the tournament, Brian Foley, Mike Cohn and Chas Quinn for their refereeing, Andrew Wootton and Josh Wilson for setting hoops and Sarina Cevaal-Hewitt and Kate Patrick for organising the live-streaming team.

Kevin Beard and Brian Reither
Tournament Managers


Later news


COVID rules relaxed further

The most recent directions provided by the Victorian Chief Health Officer relax most of the rules applying to croquet, though those attending clubs must still register using the Government QR code. For detail, see the updated Return to Croquet guidelines.

There is still a distinction between social play and community sport.



Charlton Croquet Club

After many Covid19 postponements the Charlton Croquet Club was finally able to host a two day Player Development Project on 23 & 24 November 2021. This initiative was the first of three workshops for developing competitors organised by Croquet Victoria.

Our coach was Kenn Boal, a member of the Rich River Club. Kenn is a level 4 coach and has been a coach for more than 30 years. Kenn has been a leading player for many years and among other achievements he has represented Australia in the Trans Tasman team.