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BREAKING NEWS: Geelong joins LGAs in lockdown

The State Government has declared week-long lockdowns in three local government areas: Greater Geelong, Mitchell Shire, and Surf Coast.

This will affect several croquet clubs in Geelong, which is now under the same restrictions as Ballarat - similar to Melbourne, but with no curfew. No play, clubhouses closed, five reasons to leave home, 10 km travel limit.



Lockdowns to ease a little...

The Premier has announced some easing of the lockdown restrictions in metro Melbourne and Ballarat, from 11.59 pm on 17 September, including:

  • Travel limit extended to 10 km from home
  • Small gatherings allowed for exercise and social contact (2 people from two households; up to 5 people from two households if all are double vaccinated)
  • Exercise and socialising window extended to four hours
  • Up to five people can attend an indoor venue to broadcast a performance.

VicSport has arranged a briefing for state sporting associations on the updated Restricted Activity Directions which were released on Saturday 18 September. More detail may follow this briefing, scheduled for Tuesday 21 September.


Current news

News Date: 2021-09-29
Posted by: Kate Patrick
Posted on: 2021-10-02
News Type: General

Small changes in restriction levels

The Victorian Government has now announced some changes in restriction levels following the achievement of the 80% single-dose vaccination target. The Return to Croquet guidelines have been updated accordingly. 

In the regions:

  • clubhouses are now open for up to 10 people (subject to the space requirement of 4 square metres per person).
  • travel is allowed for social play for residents of the Victoria/NSW bubble.

In metro Melbourne, and Latrobe City, which is now a "restricted area", play is allowed on the same terms as picnics:

  • travel limited to 15 km from home
  • groups of two can play, or up to 5 if all are fully vaccinated - from no more than two households
  • no mingling between groups
  • no entering "indoor areas" (walls and a roof) to obtain equipment or to access toilets.

The ban on access to indoor areas will disadvantage many clubs and players in metro Melbourne and Latrobe. Croquet Victoria is asking for it to be reconsidered.

Croquet Victoria strongly encourages members to be double vaccinated where possible.


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Time to register to watch croquet live streamed free on Kayo Sports! Go to

A new event, the Owen Edwards Golf Croquet Challenge, is being held at Cairnlea on the weekend of 9 and 10 October 2021, from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm each day. A registered Tier 3 event - our COVID-safe plan has been submitted.

The high-performance players competing include the three highest ranked Golf Croquet players in Victoria: Robert Fletcher (current Australian Golf Croquet Champion), Lester Hughes and Kevin Beard. Commentators will be led by Gareth Denyer (NSW) - the voice of croquet.

Sign up for KayoSports/Freebies (no payment required) and search for croquet. If you have trouble, check out our Help document.

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Eased Return to Play restrictions - Metro and Shepparton

The Government has announced that players in Metro Melbourne and Greater Shepparton may now access toilets when they are playing under the "picnic" provisions of the current Restricted Activity Directions (Restricted Areas), available from the Chief Health Officer page on the Department of Health and Human Services website.

Consistent with current restrictions which prohibit mingling in indoor spaces, members in Melbourne and Shepparton are still not allowed to enter clubhouses to access equipment. Some clubs have arranged to stack necessary equipment so it can be reached by someone opening a door from the outside. Clubs wishing to adopt this approach should check the arrangement with their local government authority.