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Metro lockdown continues; regional Victoria can still play

The Premier has announced that Metro Melbourne will continue in lockdown till at least 2 September. No travel in or out of metro Melbourne (except for essential workers). Clubs are closed. Exercise with only one other person - no more than one, even if they're from your household.

The Carnival of Croquet at VCC, which was planned for 28 and 29 August, will not go ahead at that time.



And: it's another lockdown for Victoria

The Premier has just announced a one-week snap lockdown for the whole of Victoria, starting at 8 pm tonight.

Back to the five reasons to leave home. Exercise within 5 km only; no visitors to the home; no gatherings. 

Croquet clubs are therefore closed again.

The competitions which were to be held at Cairnlea this weekend won't proceed as scheduled. An announcement will follow if they are to be held at another time. 


Current news

News Date: 2021-08-12
Posted by: Gareth Bushill
Posted on: 2021-08-16
News Type: General

Croquet Victoria Website Overhaul

We are planning a major upgrade to this website to modernise it and make it easier to use.

We are working out everything that needs to be done. 

If you have any comments about any aspect of the website that you think could be improved or should be changed, please email them to



Later news


Player Development project: players now invited to sign up

Croquet Victoria is launching its Player Development project!

This project is aimed at members who would like to develop their skills and strategy and improve their competitive play.

It will provide workshops around Croquet Victoria, for players who who would like to compete more effectively. Participants are being offered a sequence of three two-day workshops, to be held a couple of months apart, to give time for practice and follow-up. The lead coaches on the project are John van der Touw and Maurice Cevaal-Hewitt (Golf Croquet) and Stephen Forster and Kenn Boal (Association Croquet).

Interested players are now invited to sign up, via an online form - go to You can use this form to register for the first round of workshops, or put your name down for later workshops at a venue closer to you.



Resurgence of interest in Association Croquet

There has been a steady decline in Association Croquet player numbers in the GVCA and surrounding regions in recent years, and Kenn Boal has decided to do something about it.

Kenn has been sharing his love of AC on Wednesday mornings at Rich River Croquet Club, attracting new players and helping existing players improve their skills. Kenn’s sessions aren’t restricted to Rich River members, and with steadily increasing numbers he has created quite a resurgence of interest in the game.

Kenn is also involved as a lead coach in Croquet Victoria’s new Player Development Project - see our earlier e-news item. He and Stephen Forster are leading workshops to help novice and developing competitors improve their competitive play in Association Croquet.