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Croquet Victoria AGM

Croquet Victoria held its 2021 Annual General Meeting via Zoom on Monday 21 June 2021.

The positions of President, Treasurer and two Ordinary Members of Committee of Management were up for election.

Jim Clement was returned as President, Claire Keating as Treasurer, and Lynne Roberts as an Ordinary Member of Committee of Management, with Mike Cohn being elected to the remaining vacant position of Ordinary Member.



COVID: Some limitations eased

Under the most recent Victorian Government announcement, on 16 June 2021, social play and competition will be allowed across Victoria from 11.59 pm on Thursday 17 June. For details, see our revised Return to Croquet guidelines. These take into account the Chief Health Officer's Restricted Activity Directions, published on 18 June.

For social play, groups are limited to 20 in Melbourne and 50 in regional Victoria. For competition, the limit is the minimum number required to undertake the activity. Travel across Victoria is allowed.

Clubhouses are open, subject to density requirements (4 square metres per person) and group size (no more than 10 in metro Melbourne, no more than 50 in regional Victoria).


Current news

News Date: 2021-06-23
Posted by: Kate Patrick
Posted on: 2021-06-26
News Type: General

Larger groups as COVID restrictions ease

The Deputy Premier has announced some easing of COVID restrictions across Victoria from 11.59 pm on Thursday evening 24 June.

The detail is now available in updated Restricted Activity Directions from the Chief Health Officer

A new change for croquet is that there is no longer a maximum group size for outdoor community sport (metro Melbourne and regional). This means there is no longer a need to ensure tournaments are split into small groups. The number of people at a venue is limited by the space available and the density quotient that applies.

Other important points:

  • The QR code check in is still required for everyone attending a club
  • Masks must still be worn indoors and carried out of doors (worn if you can't maintain a social distance). May be removed for eating or drinking. 
  • The indoor density quotient continues as 1:4 sq m per person. In regional Victoria, this can be reduced to 1:2 sq m per person if the venue provides a COVID check-in marshal at the entrance, to ensure everyone checks in using the Government QR app. 
  • Subject to the density quotient: the maximum number of people in a clubhouse is now 300 (metro Melbourne and regional); there is no limit to the number in a group. 
  • Gatherings of up to 15 people permitted in the home (metro Melbourne and regional).

These points are included in the updated table of restrictions which was provided by the Deputy Premier when he released his statement.

Updated Return to Croquet guidelines are now available from this website.

Sarina Cevaal-Hewitt
Croquet Victoria Secretary
Kate Patrick
Croquet Victoria Strategic Plan Implementation / Recovery Year


Later news


COVID restrictions eased across Victoria - but masks are more important

The same COVID restrictions now apply across Victoria - there is no difference between the regions and metropolitan Melbourne.

The main continuing constraints affecting croquet:

  • face masks are still mandatory indoors.  Outdoors, masks must be carried, and must be worn in crowded situations
  • QR codes must be used for registering everyone who attends a club - clubs need to establish a system for registering people without their own technology
  • density quotients still apply, and restrict numbers inside clubhouses (4 square metres per person, unless the club has a COVID Check in Marshal system when this becomes 2 square metres per person)
  • social distancing and cleaning requirements continue



It's another lockdown

The Victorian Government has called a snap lockdown which

  • bans community sport and recreation
  • requires everyone to wear masks, indoors and outdoors (except at home)
  • re-introduces the five reasons for leaving home and the 5km travel limit
  • only allows home visits by an intimate partner or bubble buddy.

Croquet clubs will join many other organisations in closing from 11.59 pm tonight, Thursday 15 July, to 11.59 pm on Tuesday 20 July.

The restrictions currently apply across Victoria, though there have been hints that they may be lifted from regional Victoria earlier than from metropolitan Melbourne.

When play is allowed again, the Return to Croquet Guidelines will be updated and distributed to clubs.