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Stay safe still the watchword

The COVID crisis is by no means over, as we can see from the latest outbreaks in NSW. Hopefully soon to come under control. The Victorian Government is still imposing strict controls on entry and exit from the state, mask wearing, and use of communal facilities.

For the past three weeks, Victorian sporting associations involved in outdoor sport have been seeking clarification on the numbers permitted in their clubhouses.

Advice has just been provided that clubhouses associated with sporting activity need to allow 4m2 space per person – not 2m2 as seemed plausible under the current Restricted Activity Directions from the Chief Medical Officer.

Croquet Victoria’s guidelines have been modified accordingly.

Clubs are asked to ensure that they display the number of people allowed in each of their indoor spaces, using the 1:4m2 ratio.



Horsham celebrates its members

Betty Etherton writes:

Each year we play a knockout club handicap competition starting in February.

All members are entered into a draw with 2 divisions, playing any day that suits them except our club play day times.

We had only completed half the draw before it was postponed due to corona virus.


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News Date: 2020-12-22
Posted by: Kevin Beard
Posted on: 2020-12-22
News Type: General

Vale John Grieve

John Grieve of the Williamstown Croquet Club passed away on 21 December 2020.

During his working life, John was a Primary School Teacher.  He finished this career as a School Principal in the Newport area.  He used the skills he developed in these roles throughout all aspects of his life. 

His great passion was the Williamstown Football Club, the Seagulls.  He acknowledged early on that he was never going to be a great player, but he loved the club and the people and so he put all his effort into supporting the club.  He served terms as Secretary and President, and then rose to become President of the VFA (Victorian Football Association, now VFL).  John typically arranged the family holidays so that he would never miss an important match.   John certainly revelled in the premierships that the club earned.

John's life revolved around Williamstown, the suburb.  Most days would begin with a swim at Williamstown beach with the Willy Dolphins.  Apart from the health benefits and the camaraderie, he took some great photos of Williamstown sunrises over the years.  It was a common sight to see him cycling around Williamstown too. Most mornings of the week he would gravitate to the Williamstown Croquet Club for a few games of croquet with Andre Daniel-Dreyfus.  This was almost a ritual over the last few years. 
John worked tirelessly for the Williamstown Croquet Club.  If there was ever anything that needed to be done around the club, John jumped in and did it.  He also initiated many projects to advance the club during the 6 years that he was President.  He contributed significantly to what the club is today.
John was a great organiser.  He managed tournaments at Williamstown, at State level and at National level.  He was well known and well liked for making the players feel welcome and valued, and he ran a pretty tight ship.  As a result his tournaments flowed smoothly and were great fun.  Even if you never met John, you are probably aware of his tournament reports in Malletsports News, Facebook or the Croquet Victoria website.
John loved playing the game of croquet, win or lose. He had some significant successes, not the least of which were winning the Victorian Open Doubles Golf Croquet Championship with Chas Quinn in 2013 and John van der Touw in 2016. However, his greatest success was being a member of the Victorian team that won the Interstate Shield in 2019.  John made a significant contribution to the win, and it was a joy to see how proud he was of how well he played and being part of that success.
The winning Victorian team in the Interstate Shield, 2019
John is on the left
A theme throughout John's life was that, no matter how much he loved his club and fellow clubmates, he could see a bigger picture. John's legacy will be the contribution he made to the sports he loved at both the local and the State level. Clubs are extremely important, and John could see they are part of a larger sporting community, and he contributed to both. 
The latest example of this was his reaction to the threatened sale of the Victorian Croquet Centre at Cairnlea. John led a group determined to retain the Centre and help Croquet Victoria manage it in a sustainable way for the future of all croquet players.
John is survived by his wife Helen and his three sons, their partners and several grandchildren. John was known as Gramps to the grandchildren.  The family played a huge part in his life and will miss him dearly.   
As will we all.
Kevin Beard



Later news


2020 AC Doubles at Cairnlea 

The Victorian Open Doubles Association Croquet tournament was held on 28-29 December at the Victorian Croquet Centre, Cairnlea. 

The risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic reduced the field down to 5 pairs this year.

The event was also shortened, in part due to the sad passing of John Grieve. 



The Vic Open Singles AC Championship in a COVID year

The Victorian Open Singles Association Croquet Championship held at the Victorian Croquet Centre at Cairnlea from 30th December to 3rd January was quite different this year.  The pandemic reduced the field to 15 players and there was a huge workload keeping the venue COVID safe.

The tournament began with players allocated to round robin blocks of 7 and 8 players.  The top 4 in each block then qualified to play in the best-of-3 games Quarter Finals, Semis and Final.