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Corona restrictions relaxed

The Premier’s announcement today (Sunday 22 November) includes some very welcome changes in the restrictions affecting sport. These will be included in revised Return to Croquet guidelines as soon as we see the updated Directions documents from the Chief Health Officer.

In the meantime, here is a summary of the main points.



Vale Patricia Watts

I regret to inform members that Patricia (Trish) Watts passed away last Wednesday, 18 November 2020, after a battle with Motor Neurone Disease.

Trish joined Kew Croquet Club in August 2008 and was elected to the Committee of Management in December 2013, filling the casual vacancy caused by the passing of Graham Howie, and serving continuously until the 2019 AGM, when she did not seek re-election, citing the effects of MND.


Current news

News Date: 2020-11-23
Posted by: Kate Patrick
Posted on: 2020-11-24
News Type: General

More detail as Corona restrictions ease

As Victoria approaches COVID-normal, restrictions on playing croquet and meeting socially have eased. Croquet Victoria's Return to Croquet guidelines have now been updated accordingly.

Changes affecting clubs and individual players include:

  • masks are no longer required out of doors (keep it in your pocket to put on indoors or in a crowd)
  • up to 50 people can participate in sport as a group at a given venue - more than one group if the groups can stay a reasonable distance apart and everyone can socially distance.
  • clubrooms are open. Up to 20 people may gather in a clubhouse, if there is enough space: at least 4m2 must be available per person

Requirements for social distancing and hygiene have not changed.

Clubs are still expected to have updated COVID-safe plans. The refreshed template for these has been sent to clubs as a Word document and can be downloaded from this website as a PDF.

Queries to Sarina Cevaal-Hewitt, email .


Later news


Horsham celebrates its members

Betty Etherton writes:

Each year we play a knockout club handicap competition starting in February.

All members are entered into a draw with 2 divisions, playing any day that suits them except our club play day times.

We had only completed half the draw before it was postponed due to corona virus.



Stay safe still the watchword

The COVID crisis is by no means over, as we can see from the latest outbreaks in NSW. Hopefully soon to come under control. The Victorian Government is still imposing strict controls on entry and exit from the state, mask wearing, and use of communal facilities.

For the past three weeks, Victorian sporting associations involved in outdoor sport have been seeking clarification on the numbers permitted in their clubhouses.

Advice has just been provided that clubhouses associated with sporting activity need to allow 4m2 space per person – not 2m2 as seemed plausible under the current Restricted Activity Directions from the Chief Medical Officer.

Croquet Victoria’s guidelines have been modified accordingly.

Clubs are asked to ensure that they display the number of people allowed in each of their indoor spaces, using the 1:4m2 ratio.