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Returning to croquet - updated guidelines

More good news for Victorian croquet players.

Players can now return to the courts as long as no more than 20 people are playing and social distancing is observed. Club houses are also open, subject to a maximum of 4m2 per person. Use of kitchens is subject to guidance from your local government authority.

For detail, see Croquet Victoria's guidelines, which are kept updated with the most recent requirements, and circulated to clubs. Please check these guidelines! Sport and Recreation Victoria asks that clubs do not contact them direct.



Local authorities funded for community sports projects

Clubs with a shovel-ready infrastructure project for a sports facility upgrade should contact their local government authority with the detail.

The Victorian State Government has just confirmed that $68 million from the Government’s $2.7 billion Building Works stimulus package will be allocated to fast-track community sports infrastructure projects across Victoria – creating jobs and supporting local businesses.

From Monday, 1 June, local councils and alpine resort boards, with the support of local sporting bodies, will be able to apply for funding of up to $10 million for shovel-ready projects.



Current news

News Date: 2020-06-15
Posted by: Kate Patrick
Posted on: 2020-06-26
News Type: General

News from Croquet Victoria Council

At its June meeting, the Croquet Victoria Council decided to go ahead with the Victorian title tournaments in the Croquet Victoria calendar. The first events will be the GC Men’s and Women’s Championships on 8/9 August, at the Victorian Croquet Centre.

When the light towers at VCC have been removed (essential for safety reasons), VCC is to come out of mothballs, thanks to a proposal incorporating voluntary labour, offered by the “Use Cairnlea” group of members.

UPDATE: the light towers were removed on Friday 19 June.

The arrangements will apply to the period from 5 August 2020 to 31 March 2021 and are of course subject to change should new COVID restrictions be introduced. Funding for the events also relies significantly on Croquet Australia events being hosted at Cairnlea - we are hoping that movement between the states will be allowed soon so that these events can go ahead.

Council noted that it was now awaiting the planning consultant’s review of options for the future of the Victorian Croquet Centre. The consultant is to look at the planning and development status of the VCC, and will advise on the constraints and opportunities that shape its potential for the future. His report will be available before the end of the year and will provide input for a Special General Meeting of regional delegates.

Council also discussed and approved two proposals for the future:

  • a Council Nominations Sub-Committee which will take responsibility for seeking and supporting members who are interested in contributing to the work of Council. The sub-committee takes forward the work of the DHHS Mandatory Quotas Working Group, which winds up at the end of August.
  • a new two year position for a volunteer Club Development Officer, to work with clubs who would like support in making headway with recruitment or facilities.

Terms of reference for the Nominations Sub-Committee and a job description for the Club Development Officer are now available on this website. The Croquet Victoria Secretary has called for nominations and appointment are to be made at the Council meeting in August. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact the Secretary ( or phone 0459 508 728).

At the meeting, concerns were also raised in relation to recent communications, including by Directors, which were acknowledged to be in breach of the Council Code of Conduct and Croquet Victoria’s Electronic Communications policy. It was agreed that it was important to make clear that all Croquet Victoria office-bearers (including appointed officials) are expected to act with integrity, and that communications via Croquet Victoria media are expected not to be misleading, false, or injurious to any member. It was recognised that the Council Code of Conduct stipulates that Directors are expected to contribute to a positive Council behaviour and culture by showing respect for other Council members’ opinions.

Jim Clement, President
Kate Patrick, Vice President


Later news


New COVID-19 lockdown will affect some clubs

The Premier recently announced further COVID-19 restrictions:

  • visitors to homes are limited to 5
  • public gatherings are limited to 10

Additionally, twelve postcodes in northern and western suburbs of Melbourne are to revert to Stage 3 lockdown until at least 29 July.

Quoting the Premier:

"These "hot zones" will be required to return to Stage 3 Stay at Home restrictions. If you live in these locations, there will again only be four reasons to be out:
Shopping for food and supplies, care and caregiving, exercise, and study or work - if you can't do it from home.



Lockdown for Metro Melbourne - update

In response to continuing significant increases in new corona virus cases, the Premier has announced a six-week return to Stage 3 restrictions for residents of Greater Melbourne (including the Mornington Peninsula but not Geelong), and Mitchell Shire north of Melbourne.

The default is that community sport should close, but sports such as tennis and golf are permitted. Recent DHHS advice is that these are examples of non-contact sports where equipment is not shared and social distancing can be maintained. In line with this, singles games of croquet may be allowable, with no more than 10 players in a session. Croquet Victoria suggests that any club that wishes to explore this option contact their local Council for advice.

Outside the metropolitan restriction area, non-contact sport and competition are still allowed, subject to social distancing and hygiene requirements. Detailed guidance is available on the Sport and Recreation website.

Travel across State boundaries to and from Victoria is still be subject to isolation requirements.