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Steps back to the courts

The Premier has just announced that as from Wednesday 13 May 2020 (midnight on Tuesday 12 May 2020) restrictions on community sport will be relaxed.

Sport and Recreation Victoria has asked State Sporting Associations to prepare guidelines for their clubs on how to manage within the restrictions which still apply. They want to see the guidelines before they are sent out.

Croquet Victoria has just submitted its draft guidelines, using the national Rebooting Sport framework provided by Sport Australia and local State requirements as spelt out by the Department of Health and Human Services.



UPDATE: Coming out of isolation

Croquet Victoria is waiting on advice from government on the approach to be taken by croquet as we all begin to emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown.

In NSW, croquet clubs are already beginning to return to the court, in some cases with the restriction that players aged 70 and over are to stay at home.

In Victoria, we are waiting on a Government announcement to advise what will be possible when the current state of emergency ends on 11 May.


Current news

News Date: 2020-05-13
Posted by: Kate Patrick
Posted on: 2020-05-13
News Type: General

New coaching system on the way

An update from Greg Bury and Barb Piggott, national director coaching and assistant national director coaching.

In place of the current one-level coaching system, a new multi-level system is moving to the review phase.

Manuals for coaches at different levels in Golf Croquet, Association Croquet, Ricochet and Gateball are to be reviewed by Cam Tradell, Senior Consultant Workforce Coaching and Officiating Lead at SportAus.

Levels and manuals

Manuals have been prepared for review as follows:

Golf Croquet

Level 1: Coaching new players
Level 2: Coaching club members
Level 3: Coaching competitive and advanced players.

Association Croquet

Level 1: Coaching new players
Level 2: Coaching club members
Level 3: Coaching competitive players
Level 4: Coaching advanced players


Level 1: Coaching new players
Level 2: Coaching club members


Level 1: Coaching new players
Level 2: Coaching club and advanced players

Next steps

Once the recommendations from SportAus have been implemented all manuals will be reviewed by all State Coaching Directors prior to the launch of the manuals in each State. 

The criteria for Golf Croquet Level 4 will be met by the Golf High Performance Manager. 

The criteria for Association Croquet Level 5 will be met by the Association High Performance Manager. 

General Principles 

Croquet specific topics appropriate for a General Principles course have been identified and are built into each level of the new Coaching Manuals.

For the time being, intending coaches are not required to take an online course in the general principles of coaching. SportAus are currently reviewing all online courses and requirements, with a due date for the review of September 2020.

Transition arrangements

All Foundation Level 1 Coach accreditations have been extended until the new program is rolled out in each State. Dates will be announced at a later stage.  

Coaches whose accreditation expires in 2021 may choose to complete a refresher course in the new qualification. They are still accredited to coach using their existing qualification. 

Applying to become a coach or presenter

Application forms will be available for use by anyone wishing to apply to become a Coach or Presenter.

This form is then reviewed by the relevant State Director of Coaching. 

The State Directors will then plan and co-ordinate the training sessions. 


The form will specify the pre-requisites for each level of coaching (eg Level 4 AC coaches are required to be accredited referees). 

Recognition for prior learning (RPL) 

The National Director of Coaching will consult with the State Directors to determine the granting of RPL.  


  • Participant covered the same topic recently in another Level. 
  • Participant has shown competency based on recent activity. 

New Coach of the Year Award (September 2021) 

A new Coach of the Year award is to be presented in September 2021.

All nominations are to be received by the Coaching Director of each State. 

State finalists to be announced. 

National Winner to be announced. 

The closing date for all nominations to be confirmed at a later date. 

There are many exciting things happening in the background that we hope to share with you all soon. 



Later news


Returning to croquet

Good news for croquet players.

Croquet Victoria has just learnt we are now empowered to provide clubs with guidelines for returning to croquet. These have been emailed to clubs and posted on the website.

Provided you follow the guidelines, and subject to guidance from your local authority, you can start playing again socially in small groups.

Croquet Victoria will still be submitting these guidelines to Sport and Recreation Victoria for feedback, which may mean some changes. If so, we will announce the changes here and email clubs. 

One change which has already been made: please wash balls with mild detergent and water, as anything else may damage them. Thanks to Paul Manwaring of the Australian Croquet Company for this advice.



Government help available for clubs

The Victorian State Government has just announced a package of help for sporting associations at every level, from state bodies to local community clubs.

Individual clubs whose finances are impacted by the Corona epidemic can apply for up to $1000 to help with fixed costs, so they can get back to their sport.

Applications are open now and will close on 15 June, or sooner if the money allocated is exhausted. See

Consult the Secretary, Croquet Victoria, if you need help filling in the online application form.