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Croquet Victoria makes hard call

At a special meeting, held online on 11 April, the Croquet Victoria Council decided that its financial situation is such that it can no longer afford to pay its staff and maintain the Victorian Croquet Centre at Cairnlea. Staff costs and the costs of maintaining the building exceed present and projected income. To balance the books, now and in the future, would require selling shares, which would continuously erode our investment base.

Staff have now been advised that they have been declared redundant. Council agreed unanimously to express their appreciation to them for their work over the years and to thank them for their contribution to Croquet Victoria.

The Croquet Centre is in any case closed down due to the Corona virus, and it is to be mothballed for the time being. Its future will be decided by a General Meeting of the delegates of the thirteen Regional Associations.

Croquet Victoria has not gone broke. We still have investments, though their value has declined in the current Corona-virus situation - as at 31 March they were valued at around $3.5m.




At the meeting of the Croquet Victoria Committee of Management on 17 March, it was agreed that in the interests of members' health and to support "smoothing the curve" in the spread of the Corona virus:

  • all Croquet Victoria events at Cairnlea are cancelled, until at least the opening of the season on 5 August
  • the Victorian Croquet Centre will not be available for Croquet Australia events during this time.

Following more stringent isolation advice from the Government, clubs generally have now cancelled tournaments and competitions and closed their premises completely. Croquet Victoria supports this approach.

Members and clubs are asked to keep an eye on the Department of Health and Human Services website [Victoria] and the Health NSW website [NSW] for up to date guidance.


Current news

News Date: 2020-05-05
Posted by: Kate Patrick
Posted on: 2020-05-05
News Type: General

UPDATE: Coming out of isolation

Croquet Victoria is waiting on advice from government on the approach to be taken by croquet as we all begin to emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown.

In NSW, croquet clubs are already beginning to return to the court, in some cases with the restriction that players aged 70 and over are to stay at home.

In Victoria, we are waiting on a Government announcement to advise what will be possible when the current state of emergency ends on 11 May.

Sport Australia has already released guidelines indicating what they expect to be required at various levels of peeling back the lockdown. These are specific for sports funded by Sport Australia, but they also include general principles which apply to all sports including croquet.


the Executive Summary and the appendices listing individual sports at community and elite level

and the full guidelines.

Based on these documents, it looks as if the stages for croquet may be:

  1. Individual play and practice, and possibly singles games, providing only one player handles the hoops and peg, and balls are either touched by only one person (Golf Croquet) or positioned with the foot or a gloved hand (Association Croquet).
  2. More people allowed to attend at a time – probably up to ten – but no socialising, no coffee in the clubhouse. Spectators allowed.
  3. Back to full participation, including competition.

The first two stages both involve social distancing for all participants (at least 1.5 m apart).

All stages involve

  • care with cleaning equipment
  • handwashing
  • social distancing for onlookers
  • special care for anyone who has had the virus, who is feeling unwell, or who is in a vulnerable group.

Once the Victorian Government has made its announcement, Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) will be issuing guidance for State Sporting Associations, probably about 15 May. Each SSA is to draft its own sport-specific guidelines within this framework. We will be drafting more detailed guidelines for croquet clubs as soon as we have the information. SRV has undertaken to give us feedback on our draft.

The lockdown in Victoria is still in place. Croquet clubs are advised to consider obtaining cleaning equipment such as hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes, in preparation for returning to the courts in due course. Don’t worry too much about developing local guidelines – Croquet Victoria should be able to help with those.

Croquet Victoria has heard from many clubs who have been working hard to maintain contact with members, share news of isolation activities, and connect members while they are in isolation. Congratulations to everyone on their patience and restraint!

We are looking forward to being allowed back on the courts.


Later news


Steps back to the courts

The Premier has just announced that as from Wednesday 13 May 2020 (midnight on Tuesday 12 May 2020) restrictions on community sport will be relaxed.

Sport and Recreation Victoria has asked State Sporting Associations to prepare guidelines for their clubs on how to manage within the restrictions which still apply. They want to see the guidelines before they are sent out.

Croquet Victoria has just submitted its draft guidelines, using the national Rebooting Sport framework provided by Sport Australia and local State requirements as spelt out by the Department of Health and Human Services.



New coaching system on the way

An update from Greg Bury and Barb Piggott, national director coaching and assistant national director coaching.

In place of the current one-level coaching system, a new multi-level system is moving to the review phase.

Manuals for coaches at different levels in Golf Croquet, Association Croquet, Ricochet and Gateball are to be reviewed by Cam Tradell, Senior Consultant Workforce Coaching and Officiating Lead at SportAus.