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Earlier news


VCA Bronze Medal (AC) at Shepparton

For the second year in a row the VCA Bronze Medal was held at Shepparton.  The courts there are in excellent condition and the members of the club made us all most welcome. 

The large spectator group was treated to some excellent croquet.  Robert Fletcher was in fine form on Saturday and executed three triple peels and one sextuple peel in his four games.  Some tactical games between the other players held the attention of the onlookers.  The weather was hot, the courts were great and the players thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to show their skills. 



Jenny Clarke triumphs in all-women Final of the Australian AC Open Singles Championship

Jenny Clarke, a top New Zealand player, has often played in the AC Australian Open Singles and has now won it for the second time.

Jenny beat Alison Sharpe from NSW in the first all-women final since 1958. Congratulations to Jenny and Alison on this historic achievement.


Current news

News Date: 2018-10-31
Posted by: Heather Hyatt
Posted on: 2018-12-09
News Type: General

Strong demand for croquet in Whittlesea

Whittlesea's Positive Ageing Team received over 100 enquiries and 90 bookings for a "Let's Play Croquet" morning at Mernda Retirement Village recently.

This was an initiative by the Positive Ageing Team and the Manager of the Stockland, Mernda Retirement Village, who approached Peter Forster, Barbara Vaughan and Heather Hyatt about having a “Let’s Play Croquet” morning to coincide with Seniors Month – October.

Flyers by the City of Whittlesea were printed and distributed throughout the local area of Doreen, Mernda, Whittlesea, Wollert, South Morang and Epping. Flyers were also given to members of Probus Clubs in Mernda and Doreen plus the Doreen Seniors Club to hand out to anyone who was interested in playing croquet or wanting to find out more.

The Whittlesea flyer

Wednesday 31 October 2018 was the date selected. The Positive Ageing Team provided Morning Tea and a light lunch.

On the day, Con from the Positive Ageing Team explained the format of the morning and Michelle from Stockland, Mernda explained that there would be three sessions and everyone would rotate through the groups.

The three sessions were:

  • Answering questions that participants had regarding croquet eg fees, uniform, cost of a mallet
  • Watching a You Tube Video on how to play croquet
  • Outside to try swinging a mallet, hitting a ball and trying to run a hoop. Peter set up 2 mini courts on a small area of ground.

I was approached by a number of people with questions which I answered. These questions were regarding the cost eg fees, uniforms and how often could they play, just to name a few.

Waiting for a hit

Most of the people were more interested in going outside to find out how the game is played and to try hitting a ball and trying to run hoops. This part of the morning was the most popular. Everyone I spoke to was very interested in playing croquet.

Making a start

Participants included:

  • About 10 residents from the Life Style Retirement Village in Wollert. They play croquet in their Village. One resident had played croquet in NSW before she moved to Victoria and resides at the Retirement Village. 
  • A group of ladies at Mernda Retirement Village who play a form of backyard croquet on a Monday morning at the village. 
  • Twenty of so members from Mernda Probus who attended the activity at Mernda Village. They play croquet at Kew Croquet Club once a month and are very keen to play more often and would like to form a club in the Mernda Doreen area. They have also been offered to play at Ivanhoe Park Croquet Club once a month.

A team member from the Positive Ageing Team spoke to a couple of people from Life Style Retirement Village and Arilla Retirement Village regarding vacant land close to both villages. The team member stated they would look into both areas.

We're now waiting to hear back from Con from the City of Whittlesea to find out the next step.

Heather Hyatt
Ivanhoe Park Croquet Club


Later news


Wimmera GC Pennant final

The grand final of the Wimmera GC Pennant was played on 26 November at Kalimna Park Croquet Club, between Horsham Banksia and Dimboola Green.

Horsham Banksia 10 games 87 hoops defeated Dimboola Green 4 games 72 hoops.




Wimmera winds up 2018

The Wimmera Croquet Association Christmas Social Day was played at Horsham Croquet Club on Wednesday 12 December.

Thirty players from Wimmera clubs enjoyed four games of golf croquet.