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Earlier news


Successful three day GC tournament at Horsham

The Horsham Croquet Club held a very successful Annual Three Day GC Tournament on 17-19 October. Wednesday saw high/low level play doubles, followed by level play singles in four sections on the Thursday and handicap doubles on the Friday.

There was representation from over twenty clubs and three different states. Typically of our weather, one day a coat was needed, the next sunscreen and short sleeves.



ACA Association Croquet President’s Eights

Beautiful spring weather was enjoyed by all over the four days of competition. The freshly scarified lawns were of good speed, and the occasional gusty wind, coupled with the usual ‘hills’ provided players with challenges and frustrations.

A significant number of players were unavailable to participate this year resulting in only having three blocks of 8. This provided the opportunity for new players to experience the Eights for the first time – some were first time visitors to Cairnlea.


Current news

News Date: 2018-10-17
Posted by: Terri Manwaring
Posted on: 2018-10-26
News Type: Golf

RNB outreach croquet going strong

RNB Croquet Club is a club without a clubhouse - they carry their equipment in the boot of a car, and set up wherever they find people who might like to have a go.

President Terri Manwaring writes:

RNB CC has been busy doing what we do.

As well as coaching and working with our local community groups who are now becoming repeat visitors we have developed new opportunities.

Last Wednesday evening we set up next to a local ‘soup kitchen’ down on the Peninsula foreshore and spent  about one and a half hours playing with, and being closely watched by, some of their clients.

Those who played, although only a very small group, appeared to enjoy the experience and some did ask if we would be returning.  We hope to return every 2 or 3 weeks.

At Portsea Camp we worked with 73 children aged 13-16 over two days and spent another two days coaching those interested.  They came from all over Victoria, country as well as city dwellers. Pic shows Will and Ged high fiving after a successful hoop.

Below is a flyer that we handed out at the camp. 

A few weeks ago we started a conversation with one of the local secondary schools. The outcome is that during the month of November we will be running 20 coaching sessions covering years 7, 8 and 9.

This will lead into 2019 where the school would like us to work with year 7s on a regular basis as part of the sports programme. We have also discussed setting up an after school programme at the school, which can be attended by any of the year levels.

The 2019 programme will also look at developing a peer coaching programme, peer refereeing programme and links into the school’s leadership programme. 

Terri Manwaring
President, RNB Croquet Club


Later news


Unusual format for VIC AC Divisional Championships

There was a field of six for the Divisional Championships conducted at VCC recently. The very low number of entries required some creative thinking to enable the event to go ahead.

All six participants played in a single round robin block to find winners for both the Tregallas Trophy (handicap 6-10) and Nelson Medal (handicap 11-16). Just to be clear, the 6 players in the block ranged from handicap 6 to 16.



Belmont players win Women's and Men's AC titles

Carrying on their good form from their victories in the ACA President's Eights two weeks earlier, Kerri-Ann Organ and Stephen Forster (both Belmont) were both successful at the Women's and Men's Victorian AC Championships.