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Sandringham Croquet Club Association Tournament

Our Association Tournament was held from Friday 4 May through to Sunday 6 May.

The weather ranged from challenging on Friday to perfect on Sunday.



New court for Phillip Island Croquet Club

The sun was shining and there were smiles all round when the new court (lawn) was officially put into action at the Phillip Island Croquet Club recently.

It was a day to remember for club members and invited guests from the Shire – Mayor Pam Rothfield and Councillors Les Larke and Michael Whelan – when the ribbon was cut signifying a welcome addition to the club’s well-established facilities.


Current news

News Date: 2018-05-13
Posted by: John Grieve
Posted on: 2018-05-13
News Type: Golf

Australian Golf Croquet Championships - singles and doubles

Cairnlea has been alive the past 10 days to the sound of croquet.  The Australian Golf Croquet Championships were off and running.  The doubles and singles were played in great spirit in a wide range of conditions.  

The enthusiasm of the players was well matched by their dedication in sometimes very inhospitable conditions.

The Doubles

Twenty pairs entered for the doubles, and at the end of the round robin eight pairs went to the knockout stage.  The semi-finals were both extended matches with David Wise and John Arney (SA) winning in four games against Brett and Janine McHardy (WA).  David Hanbidge and Alison Sharpe (NSW) battled with Peter Freer and Stephen Thornton (NSW)  over 5 games with David and Alison getting to the final with a 7-1 win in the 5th game.

The final was won by David and Alison in three straight games.    The contest in the doubles gets more challenging and exciting each year.  Congratulations to David and Alison.

The plate in the doubles was played as a Swiss event.  This event was won by Barry Jennings and Karen Magee (SA) from Brian Rowe and Owen Dickinson from Essendon. 

The terrific camaraderie at the event was exemplified by the support from so many players after the doubles events were decided.  The lawns were to be mown after play and all courts re-set. This would not have happened (nor would it have been planned!) was it not for the enthusiasm of many players to help re-set hoops, re-paint half-way markers and fill old hoop holes.  A team effort that was very much appreciated.

The Singles

The courts were well prepared by the start of the singles.  There was a much increased entry for both events over recent years, and in the singles we had a field of 44 players.  There were four blocks of eleven players.  Following the round robin games in the blocks, a final 16 was chosen, with playoffs between players ranked fourth and fifth where they had an equal number of wins.  A point of interest - Ron McBride had to play a play-off game to move from his block to the final - an indication of the closeness of the event.

The round of 16 and the quarter-finals were played as best of three matches, with the semi-finals and final as as best of 5 match.  The quality of play was high, the conditions were challenging, the courts were in excellent condition. The supporters saw some great matches and at the end of four days’ play the final got down to a thrilling battle between Alison Sharpe and Ron McBride (SA).  Alison prevailed in four games with Ron playing some excellent croquet.  It was fitting that the 20th Australian Golf Croquet Champion was a woman, on Mother’s Day!  Alison becomes the second woman to win the event with Kathleen Coull (NSW) being the first in 2000.  A great year for ladies in Golf Croquet with Fleur Brockway being the first to win the ACA Presidents’ 8 a few months ago.

Thank you

These events happen because a lot of people make a great contribution.  The assistance from Kevin Beard in setting the courts is always appreciated.  The help from Peter Freer and Kevin in preparing the event, the work of Lorraine Gutcher in co-managing the event, the Tournament Referee Judy Stewart, her small but hard worked band of referees, the catering support from Lubi, the help from so many of the players in setting hoops, stripping the courts at the end of the tournament - all the people who contributed can be very proud of their achievements.

I know first hand how hard these people worked and supported the players and me.  The croquet world is a great space… the spirit of our sport is amazing.  It is such a pleasure to be a part of it all.

A quick count - sure to be challenged by those with more time - indicates to me there was a total of 547 games played across both doubles and singles!

John Grieve
Tournament Manager


Later news


2018 Golf Croquet State Team

The team to represent Victoria in the Golf Croquet Interstate Shield (ISS) was announced recently.

This tournament, which will be held in the Hunter Valley from September 12 to 16, is a major event which will bring together the best golf croquet players from six States in a competition in which each State plays each other in a mix of singles and mixed doubles.



Croquet loses two of its stalwarts

This week saw the death of two much loved and well respected members of Croquet Victoria: Len Twigg of Williamstown CC and Dot Dickson of Essendon CC.