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Vic AC Singles - Day One

A great start to the Victorian Open Singles Championship at Cairnlea. Seven Victorians are competing along with eleven of the best players from the other states - WA, SA, Queensland, NSW and Tasmania.

The first four rounds of the two blocks were played today. We were treated to four sextuple peels, two each by Malcolm and Robert Fletcher (Lismore). In addition to these there were 16 triple peels.



Four musketeers battle it out again

After the Christmas cheer faded a committed group of 12 pairs of doubles contested the Victorian Open Doubles at Cairnlea.

The event was played in two blocks, with the leading pair in each block qualifying for the best of three games final.


Current news

News Date: 2017-12-30
Posted by: John Grieve
Posted on: 2018-01-03
News Type: Association

Vic AC Singles Day Two - great croquet, surprise results

The Victorian Open Singles Championships continued at VCC today.

We were able to complete most of the games in the Round Robin and decide the finalists.


Block A

Malcolm Fletcher is in red hot form - he won all his eight games with four sextuple peels and three triple peels. His game against Dwayne McCormick was an example of playing at your best under extreme pressure. Coming from well behind at the start of his innings he completed the match with a near flawless sextuple peel - his fourth in two days. His last match was against brother Robert and he was able to maintain his unbeaten record with a 26 TP / 0 win.
Robert had earlier lost to Edward Wilson, so Malcolm headed this block from Robert with Dwayne McCormick in third place and Edward Wilson in fourth placing. Fleur Brockway won an equal number of games with Dwayne and Edward, and was unlucky to miss a finals place on net hoops.

Block B

This block was more clear cut with Simon Hockey (pictured) winning all his eight games ahead of Kevin Beard, Greg Fletcher and Callum Hyland who each won six games. A highlight of this block was Greg Hill completing his first competitive triple peel. Well done Greg.

Finals and Plate

The finals will be a knock-out format. The top eight players will tomorrow move to the quarter-finals and semi-finals stage to determine our two finalists on Monday. The quarter and semi-finals will be best of three with the final to be played as a best of five.

Some great clashes are coming up in the quarter finals with top qualifier Malcolm Fletcher playing Callum Hyland, Kevin Beard against Dwayne McCormick, Robert playing Greg Fletcher, and Simon Hockey being challenged by fellow Crow-eater Edward Wilson. Full details are available on

The plate will also start tomorrow. A full day of great croquet is expected.

Plenty of room at VCC for spectators to enjoy. Come along.

John Grieve
Tournament Manager


Later news


Vic AC Singles Day Three - Moving Day

Today was moving day - from the round robin to the knockout stage, the Y competition, and the start of the Plate event.

The four quarter finals were best of three, but they were all decided after two games.

Malcolm Fletcher beat Callum Hyland, Kevin Beard won over Dwayne McCormick, Robert Fletcher beat his brother Greg and Simon Hockey beat Edward Wilson.

These results set up intriguing semi-finals, with Robert playing Simon and Malcolm matched against Kevin.



Vic AC Singles Day Four - Fletcher vs Fletcher

The play in the final between Robert and Malcolm Fletcher highlighted the demands on players at this level. A critical miss can easily see a game slip away from a player.

The final was played as a best of 5.

Robert took the first game with Malcolm hitting back hard in the second. The small band of spectators were thrilled to see such long and accurate hitting. The ball placement of both players was superb. The result really got down to which brother could hit more long lift shots.


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