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Ann Crow (Quarry Hill) has been appointed as Interim Secretary of Croquet Victoria, to hold office until the end of the Council meeting on 15 August.

This ensures that Croquet Victoria meets the legislative requirements for an incorporated association, so that we do not have a vacancy in the Secretarial position for more than 14 days.

From 1998 to 2001 Ann was Secretary of the Victorian Croquet Association, working with George Latham from 1998 to 2000 and Valerie Haseloff in 2001. She comments that while procedures and policies have changed since that time, she is comfortable working with computers and she is confident that she will be able to pick up the threads of what is currently required of the Secretary, including managing Croquet Victoria's social media presence.




COVID precautions continue

The Victorian Government has eased the restrictions introduced to help manage the COVID pandemic. There are no longer any special provisions for sporting facilities, and double vaccination is not mandated for workers or volunteers.

The COVID check in system has also been suspended.

At the same time, members, clubs and event organisers are required to act when someone tests positive to COVID. Attendance records need to be maintained accordingly, and it is still open to clubs and event managers to require that anyone attending have up to date vaccination. 

Croquet Victoria's Return to Croquet guidelines have been updated to reflect the present situation.





Warrnambool GC Coaching Workshop 26th and 27th May

Warrnambool hosted 12 players from Portland, Koroit and Warrnambool for the first of three 2-day coaching workshops for novice players. Players were enthusiastic about all aspects of the coaching, and particularly enjoyed the skills measurements and tactics sessions.

Players appreciated the follow-up with individual feedback on some of the of hoop running, ball clearing and placements skills exercises, and the youtube video of stop-shots played at the workshop was of particular interest.




Croquet Victoria update

Croquet Victoria’s recent Annual General Meeting farewelled Jim Clement, who has served almost six years as President, and elected Kate Patrick to the chair. Stephen Forster was re-elected as Vice-President, and Claire Keating remains as Treasurer. Helen Worladge and Eileen Gough were endorsed as incoming members of the Committee of Management.

Many thanks to Sarina Cevaal-Hewitt for her six years of service as Secretary. No nominations were received for the Secretary position, which remains vacant. Nominations for the position are now being sought, for consideration at the August Council meeting. Information about the position is available from

At the Council meeting following the AGM, some new appointments were made and several members confirmed in their existing roles.


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About Croquet Victoria

We are the State Sporting Association responsible for croquet across Victoria and Southern New South Wales. Established on 18 June 1914 as the Victorian Croquet Association Inc., we trade as Croquet Victoria.

Under our current rules, we lead and develop croquet in Victoria by coordinating and supporting Association Croquet, Golf Croquet, Ricochet and Gateball, played in 88 clubs across 14 regional associations.

We are committed to ensuring that children who participate in our activities have a safe and happy experience.

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