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We are the State Sporting Association responsible for croquet across Victoria and Southern New South Wales. Established on 18 June 1914 as the Victorian Croquet Association Inc., we trade as Croquet Victoria.

Under our current rules, we lead and develop croquet in Victoria by coordinating and supporting Association Croquet, Golf Croquet, Ricochet and Gateball, played in 88 clubs across 13 regional associations.

We are committed to ensuring that children who participate in our activities have a safe and happy experience.

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What's New?

17th WCF Association Croquet World Championships

The 2020 AC World Championships were hosted by the Victorian Croquet Association on behalf of the Australian Croquet Association.

See our Facebook post for more coverage, including photos and videos from the event.

2020 Association Croquet State Team

The Victorian AC State Team met at Cairnlea on January 11 to prepare for the defence of the Eire Cup in Brisbane in March.

Back Row: Kevin Beard, Stephen Forster (Captain), Claire Bassett, Lois Kirk, David Johnston, Chris Grant.

Front Row: Elaine Coverdale, Tricia Devlin (Vice Captain), Gail Hopkins, Simon Watkins.

Eire Cup Team image

2019 Golf Croquet State Team

Women: Judy Wembridge (Captain), Tricia Devlin, Wendy Dickson, Gail Hopkins.

Men: Kevin Beard (Vice Captain), John Grieve, Darren McLoughlin, John van der Touw.

Reserve: Chris Eiffert.

State GC Team image




COVID-19 restrictions eased further

Croquet Victoria has released an update of its Return to Croquet guidelines incorporating recent changes in Government directions:

  • From midnight on 17 January, you must carry a mask, but you are only required to wear it in specific circumstances - eg supermarkets and shopping centres, on public transport and in taxis etc. Not in clubhouses or on the croquet court.

  • For outdoor sports such as croquet, the space required per person is now the same whether you are playing croquet outdoors or gathering indoors.
    If attendance is being registered using an electronic QR code, the space required is 2 square metres per person; if attendance is only recorded on paper, the space required is 4 square metres per person.

Clubs are still required to have a current COVID-Safe Plan.




Cancellation of Croquet Australia events

Croquet Australia has announced that due to possible COVID-19 ramifications for players travelling interstate, it has cancelled the following national events which were to be held in February and March:

  • 2021 President’s Golf Croquet Eights
    Scheduled for the Victorian Croquet Centre, Melbourne
    12 to 14 February

  • 2021 Association Croquet Gold Medal
    Scheduled for Sydney
    10 to 12 March

  • 2021 Association Croquet Men’s and Women’s Championships
    Scheduled for Sydney
    13 to 16 March

  • 2021 Interstate Cup team competition - the Eire Cup
    Scheduled for Sydney
    17 to 23 March




COVID-19 restrictions loosen for Victorian clubs

Updated Return to Croquet guidelines were circulated today, Monday 11 January.

Key points:

  • Space requirements for outdoor sport and indoor gatherings in clubhouses are now the same: 2 square metres per person if the club is using a QR-code app to record attendances, 4 square metres per person if the club is only keeping records on paper .
  • Space required in changing rooms and bathrooms is 2 square metres per person.
  • Signs must be displayed to show how many people are allowed in each indoor space.
  • You must have a mask with you, wear it when you are indoors, and also wear it outdoors if you are likely to be closer to someone else than 1.5m.

Clubs are also expected to maintain a current COVID-Safe plan, using the template circulated to secretaries




The Vic Open Singles AC Championship in a COVID year

The Victorian Open Singles Association Croquet Championship held at the Victorian Croquet Centre at Cairnlea from 30th December to 3rd January was quite different this year.  The pandemic reduced the field to 15 players and there was a huge workload keeping the venue COVID safe.

The tournament began with players allocated to round robin blocks of 7 and 8 players.  The top 4 in each block then qualified to play in the best-of-3 games Quarter Finals, Semis and Final.


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