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Golf croquet

Golf Croquet is a much simpler and quicker version of the game, but can be just as exciting. it has a completely different set of rules and tactics.

The object is to score hoops in the same order as in Association Croquet. There are no extra turns for going through hoops or hitting other balls although opposing balls can be knocked out of the way. When a player scores a hoop, all play is then to the next hoop.

The first player to score seven hoops wins the game, which usually takes 45-60 minutes.

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Golf croquet news



Wimmera Challenge Match replaces Pennant

Because of COVID, the Wimmera Croquet Association decided to cancel the spring season of Golf Croquet Pennant. Instead, two Challenge matches were played two weeks apart. 

The two weeks we played were so different. November 15th was freezing cold, everyone was rugged up -  November 29th everyone needed hats and sun screen.




The Owen Edwards Golf Croquet Challenge – a challenging event

The Owen Edwards Golf Croquet Challenge was held at the Victorian Croquet Centre on 9-10 October 2021 and was televised as a ‘Freebie’ on Kayo.  It is a new annual event on the Croquet Victoria calendar. 

It was run this year under strict government-approved COVID-safe conditions.  The participants were required to be high-performance players (have played in National and/or International croquet events), and as such were designated Authorised Workers.  This enabled them to travel beyond the 15 km limit for practice and the event itself.  The COVID-safe protocols included players and officials travelling directly to and from the venue without interacting with anyone, no spectators, and the now familiar distancing, mask wearing and cleaning procedures.




Horsham Croquet Club’s Opening Day

On Thursday 19th August Horsham Croquet Club held their Opening Day for the Season of 2021-22.

Members were welcomed to enjoy their games of croquet while they are still able and allowed to do so.....




Spreading the message in schools: Kyneton's story

Graham Smith of Kyneton writes:

'We need to get croquet into the schools' we were told by Croquet Victoria. Always keen to carry out the directions of the state body, Kyneton Croquet Club swung into action. Both local secondary colleges were contacted. In mid-March, back came the reply from Kyneton Secondary College, 'We would love to give students the opportunity to give croquet a go.'

With term 1 almost over, it was decided to start on 10 May; it would last for one week, there were to be four classes of Year 10 students who would all come for one session. That then got put back to start on 26 May.




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We are working out everything that needs to be done. 

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