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Gateball, which originated in Japan, is a very different, much faster mallet sport, played between two teams of five players.

The court is smaller and is set with three gates (hoops) and a goal pole (centre peg).

A game has a time limit of thirty minutes, unless one team earlier scores the maximum of 25 points. After thirty minutes the team that has scored the most gates wins.

In Gateball, when you strike another ball you can put your foot on your own ball and "spark" the other ball to an advantageous position (if it is one of your team balls) or off the court (for opponent balls).

Victorian State Gateball Championships : Pairs Final

2021 Victorian State Gateball Championships

Congratulations to the Kew on winning the 2021 Victorian State Gateball championships on Saturday 27 March 2021. Hosted at the Elsternwick Croquet Club thank you to all competitors for attending from Kew, Essendon, Brunswick, Strathfield, Hazelbrook, Yarrawonga and Albury.

The teams event was held on Saturday 27 March with Kew scoring 21 points and Essendon 6 points.

Doubles were played in two pools on Sunday 28 March with the final between the winners of each pool. You can watch the video of the final between Philip Brown and Clare Newton (Kew Croquet Club) and John and Penny Park (Hazelbrook Croquet Club) on YouTube.

John and Penny were victorious with 12 points and Philip and Clare scored 11 points.

Results for all games are on Gateball Scores.

L to R: Anthony Dask, Maxine Maclachlan, Philip Brown, Clare Newton, David Pryor, Kerry Seipolt.

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For refereeing accreditation procedure see Gateball Referee Accreditation

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2021 Australian Gateball Championships

The 2021 Australian Gateball Championships will be held in Gold Coast in September.

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Victorian State Gateball Championships

The Victorian state gateball championships were a great tournament this year despite not being able to hold the tournament the year prior due to the pandemic.

Teams contesting for the title of Vic state champions were Essendon, Kew, Hazelbrook/Strathfield and Albury/Yarrawonga.




Intense play at Australian Gateball Championship

The Shen Yang team from China won the 2019 Australian Gateball Championship after two days of intense play. 

Shen Yang, from the mountains of northern China, was recognised at the opening ceremony as the team which had travelled furthest to reach the competition, held at the Victorian Croquet Centre on the weekend of 29 November / 1 December.




Back-to-back titles for Kew at Victorian Gateball Championships

A windswept but undaunted Victorian Gateball Championships were held over 29-31 March at the Victorian Croquet Centre at Cairnlea.

For the second consecutive year Kew prevailed as the Teams Champion, though the final standings were very close this year. Kew won four games of six, as did Canberra. However Kew prevailed with a much higher net hoops score of +32 compared to the second-placed Canberra who had +10.




Gateball trophy comes home

A small but committed field competed in the Victorian Gateball Championships at the Victorian Croquet Centre over the weekend of 27-29 April.

As well as the Victorian teams, we had competitors from Canberra and, for the first time as a standalone team, the Woodville team from South Australia.


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