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Live streamed events 2018 to 2021

Other local channels

Lester Hughes

Other sources

World Croquet Federation listings

Croquet Association, UK

US Croquet Association

Sherif Abdelwahab (USA)

Croquet New Zealand


Croquet Victoria


In 2021 Croquet Victoria has licensed Kayo Sports to live stream 11 days of croquet. Past events will be viewable on Kayo Sports for two years after the event.

To watch the 2021 livestreamed events on Kayo, use the link to register for Kayo Freebies, then use the magnifying glass to search for croquet.

help document is available.

Coming events – all being held at Victorian Croquet Centre, Cairnlea

Victorian Men’s and Women’s Association Croquet Championships

20 and 21 November
Players will be listed on Croquetscores as they enter. 

Victorian Men’s and Women’s Golf Croquet Championships

27 and 28 November
Players will be listed on Croquetscores as they enter.

Held earlier in 2021

Brian Reither Association Croquet Challenge

23 and 24 October
10.30 am to 3.30 pm

Players: Robert Fletcher, Stephen Forster, Kevin Beard, Callum Hyland, Lachlan Berryman, Chris Grant, Josh Wilson, Andrew Wootton.
Referees: Brian Foley, Mike Cohn
Tournament manager: Brian Reither

Owen Edwards Golf Croquet Challenge

9 and 10 October
10 am to 3 pm

Players: Robert Fletcher, Lester Hughes, Kevin Beard, Stephen Forster
Referee: Claire Keating
Tournament managers: Ian and Kate Petersen

Highlights available at

Croquet Australia Golf Croquet Open Singles: finals

15 and 16 May
Highlights available at

Croquet Victoria Golf Croquet Bronze Medal: final games

10 April
Highlights available at

Full recordings of livestreamed play can be viewed on Kayo Sports for two years from the date of the event.

Earlier events

Croquet Victoria’s Youtube channel provides videos of the events listed below.


WCF World Association Croquet Championship
21 to 23 February
41 videos


Golf Croquet Trans Tasman
26 to 29 April
36 videos


Croquet Australia Association Croquet Presidents Eights
15 October
14 videos

Other local channels

Lester Hughes

Events streamed include 


Brunswick GC Invitational
GC Trans Tasman


Australian GC Open Singles


Australia Association Croquet Presidents Eights
Australian Men’s GC final
Victorian Men’s GC final

Other sources

World Croquet Federation:
Links to videos of high level matches around the world.

Croquet Association (UK):
Includes footage of the 2019 Golf Croquet World Championship and the 2019 Under 21 Golf Croquet World Championship.

United States Croquet Association:
Videos of games 2015 to 2017.

Sherif Abdelwahab (USA):
Interesting snippets of many international, US and Egyptian events.

Croquet New Zealand:
Live streaming with CNZ streaming partner Sky Sport Next