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About us


We are located at Howlong Golf Resort Golf Links Dve. Enter off East St behind the Motel. Howlong Postal address 42 Lowe St, Howlong 2643

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Howlong Golf Resort Croquet is open for play. We have 3 full courts. Playing times: Mondays 12.30pm for 1pm Social Play. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 8.30am for 9am start. Gateball to be played the last Saturday of the month 8.30am for 9am start. If you would like to book another time please contact Susanne Nielsen 0417 596 163.

Contact us

Club President
Douglas Nielsen
howlong . croquet @ gmail . com

Club Secretary
Veronica Richardson
howlong . croquet @ gmail . com

Club Treasurer
Sue Wearne
howlong . croquet @ gmail . com

Club Contact
Douglas Nielsen
howlong . croquet @ gmail . com

Coaching Contact
Susanne Nielsen
0417 596 163
susannefaynielsen @ gmail . com

Full Members List

Postal Address
42 Lowe St, Howlong, 2643

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Inaugural Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament (2022/2023 season) (Cancelled or Postponed)

Contact -

Inaugural Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament (2022/2023 season)

(-3.0 to 12.0) Dates 19 Oct 24 - 20 Oct 24

Contact - Rod Bensley 0260268689

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Recent member successes

Bunty Clark
Phillip Island Singles 2024
Range 9.0 to 20.0

Bunty Clark
NEDCA 2024 Open Golf Croquet Singles Championships 2024
Range 9.0 to 20.0

Rodney Bensley
Ballarat Alexandra Open Singles 2023
Range 4.0 to 14.0

Tony Daniel & Sue Wearne
NEDCA Open Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles 2023
Range -6.0 to 20.0

Veronica Richardson & Michael Matthews (Wodonga)
NEDCA Open Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles 2023
Range -6.0 to 20.0

Douglas Nielsen
Long Paddock 2023 2023
Range 10.0 to 14.0