Although the BCA had a constitution since the 1960’s, they did not become incorporated until 1992. But by 2004 it was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain office bearers, and so the constitution was altered to make a roster for the clubs to take the positions of Secretary and President. Clubs were placed on this roster which consisted of President, Vice President and Secretary and Assistant Secretary. The Vice President and the Assistant Secretary would move up into President and Secretary’s position, with each club having to supply people to take these jobs.

Alexandra Croquet Club found that during the drought their lawns became unusable, and needed to be relayed. There was not the money for this, so they sold the land and built new courts and clubhouse in Gillies St., giving them 4 courts in place of the 2 they had. Ballarat City Club had problems during the 1990’s when the council wanted to relocate them, then finally in 2008 they found their membership decreased, and they could not continue, the members joined with the Alexandra Club at their new site in Gillies Street. Ballarat Club battled on with a low membership for quite a few years, and then in 2014 they finally closed their doors, leaving the Association with only 5 clubs.

In 2000 Norma Bell and Elsie Pike then in 2001 Truce Verlinden were made life members,. Brian Reither was awarded the ACA meritorious award for his contributions to croquet, in 2012.

The name of the Association was altered to Ballarat & District Croquet Association, to incorporate the country clubs. Ararat Alexandra Club joined, Lismore club rejoined after having a few years when they had too few members, Maryborough Club were members for a few years, then they changed to the Northern District Association.

In the early 2000’s Western, City and Alexandra all celebrated their 100th birthdays.

Clubs that have played croquet in the area are:- Soldiers Hill Club – Neil St., Ballarat, Victoria Club – Victoria St., Ballarat, Avoca Club - Ararat Hwy and Liebig St, Mt. Pleasant, Bunninyong, Great Western Ladies Croquet Club, Stawell – Sloane St., Stawell, City CC – Mair St., Ballarat CC – Peel St., Ballarat,

The Ballarat & District Association has been fortunate to see the Fletcher boys – Greg, Robert and Malcolm grow into croquet, and be very competitive in the Australian and Victorian teams. Robert has been No. 1 in the world and in 2013 won the World Championships, - being the first Australian to do this, and the youngest player to win them.