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Association croquet

In Association Croquet the object of the game is to get both balls around a course of twelve hoops in a set order, and finish by hitting the centre peg, (which has given us the phrase "pegging out"). On your turn you have two options:

- To hit a ball through its next hoop (running the hoop). If you manage to run the hoop you get a free turn.

Or you can:

- Hit your ball so that it hits any of the other three balls. In this case you get 2 free turns.

This second option is the key to the game. When you hit another ball, you pick your ball up and place it against the ball you've hit. You then play your ball again (called a croquet stroke). This means you can send both balls to different parts of the lawn. After the croquet stroke you have another free shot with which you can aim for another ball or run your hoop. You're allowed to hit (and then croquet) each of the other three balls on your turn.

By careful play you should be able to manoeuvre your ball in front of its hoop. If you do that and then run the hoop, you're allowed to hit all the other balls again. By using the other three balls you can then get your ball in front of its next hoop, etc, etc.

Good players can make 'breaks' as in snooker, sometimes running all twelve hoops in a single turn. But....if the player miscalculates and fails to run the hoop or hit another ball, their turn comes to an end, and their opponent has the chance to make the running.

This above description gives the essentials of the game; all other rules and modifications can be picked up easily in the course of play.

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Laws and Regulations

VCA Association Croquet State Team

2023 Eire Cup Team

  • Patricia Devlin
  • Chris Eiffert
  • Mignon Johnston
  • Lois Kirk
  • Elaine Coverdale (Reserve)

  • Kevin Beard
  • Stephen Forster
  • Chris Grant
  • Greg Hill
  • Andrew Wootton (Reserve)

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Association croquet news



NSW retains the Eire Cup

In a thrilling finish on the final day of competition, NSW won two matches by a golden hoop and defeated Victoria to retain the Eire Cup. Match wins at the end of the day were level, with NSW and Victoria winning 10 matches each, but NSW was well ahead on net games and net hoops and came out the overall winners.

The Eire Cup is the annual Association Croquet team competition between teams from all six State Associations. Each state is represented by a team of four men and four women players, and each Test in the competition involves four mixed doubles matches and sixteen singles matches. 

On the final day of the competition both Victoria and NSW had played against and beaten all the other states. Match scores were level throughout the day. In the final match, NSW's Peter Landrebe had a captain's knock against Gold Cup winner Greg Hill from Victoria - Greg was leading but Pete came past him to win and give the victory to NSW.

Congratulations to NSW, and to Victoria, who played well throughout the tournament and came a very worthy second.

All results are on croquetscores.




2023 Interstate Cup Program

A revised version of the 2023 Interstate Cup Program is now available for download.

This includes changes to the SA Eire Cup Team, clarifications re ties in the Gold + Silver Medals, and some other minor revisions.

Peter Freer, ACA Events

Event Program




National AC events in March at the Victorian Croquet Centre

This March it is Croquet Victoria's turn to host an annual series of national Association Croquet events:

8 to 10 March Croquet Australia AC Gold Medal
11 to 14 March Croquet Australia AC Mens and Womens Open
16 to 19 March Eire Cup - AC interstate teams competition.

Interested members are invited to come along and watch (and/or help out). All play is at the Victorian Croquet Centre. Play starts at 8 am and continues till dusk. An opportunity to watch the best AC players from across Australia... 

You may also like to book to join the teams for two celebratory events! Click the link to make your booking. 

5 - 6.30 pm Friday 10 March
BBQ at the Victorian Croquet Centre - $18 / head
Bookings close Thursday 9 March

6.30 -10.30 pm Sunday 19 March
Dinner and presentation of the Eire Cup to the winning team - $85 / head
Bookings close Tuesday 7 March

Queries to Katrina Petersen, Tournament Manager, at

Kate Patrick
Croquet Victoria




Victorian State Team named for the Eire Cup

The Victorian State Team is now finalised and will contest the annual Eire Cup teams tournament against the other states from 15 to 19 March at the Victorian Croquet Centre, Cairnlea.

Team members are:

Men: Chris Grant (captain), Stephen Forster, Kevin Beard and Greg Hill.
Reserve Andrew Wootton. 

Women: Patricia Devlin (vice-captain), Christine Eiffert, Lois Kirk and Mignon Johnston.
Reserve Elaine Coverdale.


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