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Association croquet

In Association Croquet the object of the game is to get both balls around a course of twelve hoops in a set order, and finish by hitting the centre peg, (which has given us the phrase "pegging out"). On your turn you have two options:

- To hit a ball through its next hoop (running the hoop). If you manage to run the hoop you get a free turn.

Or you can:

- Hit your ball so that it hits any of the other three balls. In this case you get 2 free turns.

This second option is the key to the game. When you hit another ball, you pick your ball up and place it against the ball you've hit. You then play your ball again (called a croquet stroke). This means you can send both balls to different parts of the lawn. After the croquet stroke you have another free shot with which you can aim for another ball or run your hoop. You're allowed to hit (and then croquet) each of the other three balls on your turn.

By careful play you should be able to manoeuvre your ball in front of its hoop. If you do that and then run the hoop, you're allowed to hit all the other balls again. By using the other three balls you can then get your ball in front of its next hoop, etc, etc.

Good players can make 'breaks' as in snooker, sometimes running all twelve hoops in a single turn. But....if the player miscalculates and fails to run the hoop or hit another ball, their turn comes to an end, and their opponent has the chance to make the running.

This above description gives the essentials of the game; all other rules and modifications can be picked up easily in the course of play.

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Association croquet news




Time to register to watch croquet livestreamed free on Kayo Sports! Go to, sign up for Kayosports/Freebies (no payment required) and search for croquet.

A new event, the Brian Reither Association Croquet Challenge, is being held at Cairnlea on the weekend of 23 and 24 October 2021, from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm each day.

High-performance players competing include Robert Fletcher, Stephen Forster, Kevin Beard, Callum Hyland and Chris Grant. Commentators will be led by Gareth Denyer (NSW) - the voice of croquet.

Pass it on!

For more links to live streamed croquet, go to our new Croquet Live Streamed page:




Resurgence of interest in Association Croquet

There has been a steady decline in Association Croquet player numbers in the GVCA and surrounding regions in recent years, and Kenn Boal has decided to do something about it.

Kenn has been sharing his love of AC on Wednesday mornings at Rich River Croquet Club, attracting new players and helping existing players improve their skills. Kenn’s sessions aren’t restricted to Rich River members, and with steadily increasing numbers he has created quite a resurgence of interest in the game.

Kenn is also involved as a lead coach in Croquet Victoria’s new Player Development Project - see our earlier e-news item. He and Stephen Forster are leading workshops to help novice and developing competitors improve their competitive play in Association Croquet.




Inaugural Jean Rentoul Memorial tournament

Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 March brought the Inaugural battle for the Jean Rentoul Memorial to the Victorian Croquet Centre at Cairnlea – and it was really wonderful to be back playing again after COVID, especially at this great Centre that many of us have missed so much.

The Jean Rentoul Memorial is an Association Tournament for women with a handicap between 10 and 20 (sections 3 and 4), and what a lovely, fun group we had to kick off a busy return to competition at Cairnlea.




“Not the Eire Cup”  - an event at Cairnlea with Alternate Stroke Doubles

A new event called “Not the Eire Cup” was held at the Victorian Croquet Centre 12-14 March 2021. The idea for the event arose because the real Eire Cup to be held in Sydney at this time was cancelled due to the risk of border closures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Not the Eire Cup” was contested between teams of 2 players with a state team/squad player paired with a player with a handicap up to 10. Matches consisted of a Doubles game and Singles games between the low handicap players and between the high handicap players.




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