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Region Director
Brian Reither
03 5339 2002

Region President
Ian McKee
03 5332 7604
no email

Region Secretary
Anne McKee
03 5332 7604

Region Treasurer
Nancy Hatherell
03 5334 1611

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Affiliated clubs

Alexandra Ararat Croquet Club

Ballarat Alexandra Croquet Club

Ballarat Western Croquet Club

Beaufort Croquet Club

Lismore Croquet Club

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Ballarat and District information


The positions of Secretary and President of the Ballarat & District Croquet Association is rotated around the clubs, each position is for a 2 year term. Other administration positions are filled by election. The Association holds meetings every 3 months, (May, August, November, February, on the third Friday of the month. The AGM is held in May each year. For the 2015/2017 period the Group of clubs:- Alexandra Ararat & Lismore Clubs, are responsible for the President's position, the Vice President, is filled by Beaufort Club, Alexandra Ballarat is filling the secretary's position while Western are filling the assistant secretary's place.


The Ballarat and District Croquet Association hold both association and golf tournaments annually. These are for B&DCA members and are both singles and doubles, along with district championships. An Open golf tournament in October, is played. The Open "Begonia" tournament which is Association play, and played in March. Everyone is welcome to come along and join in these two tournaments.

Inter City / Inter Association

Geelong and Ballarat Associations have had a competition in association croquet since 1936. The first round of this competition saw Geelong being the strongest team. IN February the return match will be played at Ballarat. This year an association croquet challenge was started with the Wimmera Association, and Wimmera won that one. The Wimmera Association and the Ballarat District play a friendly competitive game of golf croquet each year for the Wimmera Challenge. Geelong District play a similiar game with us in Geelong in September and Ballarat in March, the total of both of these games gives us a winner.

Tournament information

Association tournament info

Ballarat Begonia Festival 2017

Winner (range -3.0 to 9.0)
David Johnston (Ballarat Alexandra)

Runner-up: Patricia Devlin (Castlemaine)

(10.0 to 20.0) Complete - awaiting results
Contact - Nancy Hatherall 5334 1611
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Golf tournament info

Ballarat & District 2016

(0.0 to 12.0) Complete - awaiting results
Contact - Nancy Hatherall 0411317874
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