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Mansell Reserve Eighth St and Ontario Ave Mildura

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Tuesdays and Saturdays 1:00pm Summer @ 9am on Tuesdays and Saturdays No play if the predicted maximum temperature exceeds 34 degrees.

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Club President
Jennifer Maskell

Club Secretary
Cathy Burnett
03 5024 6340

Club Treasurer
Joyce Gledhill
03 5024 5488

Club Contact
Cathy Burnett

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Postal Address
PO Box 3066, Mildura, 3502

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Mildura info


The Mildura Croquet Club consists of a small but enthusiastic group of croquet players. The main game played is Association croquet, but golf croquet is also played. Holidaying visitors are always welcome. Telephoning beforehand is suggested.

A Message For Locals

If you are considering playing croquet, or want to know more about the game, please come down to Mansell Reserve. You will be made most welcome and introduced to the game in a manner aimed to make you feel comfortable and not out of your depth.

A message from the mallets of the Mildura Croquet Club:

We are lonely. We certainly know croquet - ( whether you pronounce it as “croak – ee” or croak- kay”) is a very interesting and enjoyable game even if it produces a few headaches for us. Still, we would prefer to be active. We would love someone to take us in hand and show us a good time!

Croquet - a confusing game?

"Croquet is confusing and frustrating" - Mildura Croquet Club members would have to disagree! Like all new sports, the rules and techniques of croquet can be a bit overwhelming at first. Everyone has to go through that confusing beginner stage. The ever increasing ability to put theory into practice is one of the joys of croquet. (But, best not to mention the days when nothing goes to plan! Oh yes, guess we do have to concede that croquet can be frustrating, at times.)

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