Players - Qualifier

The players listed below have been allocated places in the Qualifier.

Players in the list are invited to send in your player biographies and photos.

John Arney
Virginia Arney
Peter Coles
John Grieve
David Hanbidge

David is from Jervis Bay in NSW and is a member of Nowra Croquet Club. This is his second year...

Gail Hopkins

Gail Hopkins is a member of the Essendon Croquet Club and has been an avid croquet player since...

Geoffrey Hull

My introduction to Croquet was completely by accident when I was asked to "have a hit" on the...

John James
Ron Johnstone

Ron is a member of the Sutherland Croquet Club in Sydney.  He commenced playing AC in 2000 and...

Ronald McBride
Brett McHardy
Janine McHardy
Eric Miller
Anna Miller
Peter Montague

I learned to play croquet at Brighton in South Australia nearly nine years ago. Since moving to...

Ian Petersen
Charles Quinn
Geoff Reilley
Ross Rillie
Jim Saunders

Jim Saunders discovered the wonderful world of golf croquet when he retired in 2005.  Through...

Patricia Watts

Trish is a member of the Kew Croquet Club here in Melbourne.  I commenced playing AC in 2008 and...

Judith Wembridge
David Wise
New Zealand
Brian Bullen
Dallas Cooke
Sue Roberts
Geoff Young

One of 4 family members which include wife Phyllis, daughter Dallas Cooke, and granddaughter...

Hal Denton