Information For Players

This message is designed to pass on information prior to the Players’ Briefing which will take place on the afternoon of Friday 24 February.

Please advise of any questions you may have prior to the briefing.

The event will be played at the Victorian Croquet Centre (VCC) which has 12 lawns. Other venues that will be used are; Essendon Croquet Club, 2 lawns; Williamstown Croquet Club, 2 lawns; Geelong Belmont Croquet Club, 3 lawns and Ballarat Alexandra Croquet Club, 4 Lawns. Addresses are as follows:

  • VCC, 65 Nobel Banks Drive Cairnlea

  • Essendon CC, Cnr Brewster and Nicholson Streets, Essendon

  • Williamstown CC 104, Victoria St, Williamstown

  • Geelong, Francis St, Belmont

  • Ballarat, Prince of Wales Park, Gillies St, Lake Gardens.

Indications are that VCC is expected to play at around 12+ Plummers. Other venues probably around 10-11 Plummers.

Aitkin’s Quadway hoops and Dawson balls, primary colours only, will be used at all venues. WCF hoops Regs indicate that the hoops will be set to the largest ball on each lawn and the gap will be 1/32”.

Lights are only available on 4 lawns at VCC and 2 lawns at Essendon. Should it become necessary to play under lights, players affected will be offered a 15 minute practice to acclimatise them to the lights.

The draw for blocks will take place on Thursday 23rd February and the blocks will be posted on that evening. At present, we have 74 entrants in the main event and 6 places available from the Qualifying and U21 events.

Event Format/Schedule

Please note that play will start at 08.00 each day at VCC. Due to the fact that we only have 12 lawns available, 24 players will have late starts each day. Play will start at 08.30 each day at Essendon and Williamstown. Play will start at 09.00 each day at Geelong and Ballarat. Transport to these two venues will depart Cairnlea at 07.30. Venue allocations for all players will be displayed from Thursday 23rd.

Sat 25th Feb to Wed 1st Mar

8 blocks of 10 players. 2 blocks at VCC, 5 part blocks at VCC, 2 part blocks at both Essendon and Williamstown, 1 part block at Geelong and 1 block at Ballarat each day. Every attempt has been made to share the venue and court allocations equally but with difficulty.

At the end of block play on Wednesday, the top 4 players from each block qualify for the main knockout, the bottom 6 are eligible to play in the Plate. Ties on numbers of wins for 4th place will be decided by play-offs at VCC on Wednesday afternoon. Please inform TM by 2pm Wednesday 1st Mar if you do not wish to play in the Plate or if you do not wish to travel to other venues for plate.

The Draw for the main knockout will take place at VCC about 45 minutes after the last play-off game has finished. It will follow the WCF Regs and be based on World Rankings at the end of block play, including the play-offs if possible

Players are encouraged to play the full event, participation in the Bowl and Shield is encouraged and makes the event richer and fuller for all players. However if any player is unable to play all events, please let the management know asap.

Thursday, 2nd Mar

The knockout event will be played at VCC. The round of 32 will be a best of 3 with the top half playing first, followed by the bottom half, The round of 16 will follow, also being played in two halves. 

The Bowl will commence after first session of Knockout. The Bowl event is for the 16 losers of the main event knockout first round. It will be played as a full knockout, best of 3.

Some Plate games will begin at 8 am on available courts. Plate games will be Best of 2, one hour time limit, double banked. It is intended to use all venues for plate games if required. The format for the Plate is a Block draw on Thursday and Friday followed by a knockout on Saturday and Sunday. The top 8 players will qualify for the Plate Knockout. Ties on wins for 8th place will be broken using average strength of opponent.

The Plate knockout will be Best of 3. The QF and SF will be played on Saturday at VCC with a best of 3 final at VCC on Sunday.

Friday, 3rd Mar

The Plate will continue on available lawns. 

Main K.O. Quarter Final, best of 3 at VCC.

Bowl Quarter Final, best of 3 at VCC.

Shield starts at VCC. The Shield event is for the 8 losers of the main event knockout second round. It will be played as a full knockout, best of 3. Draw for Plate K.O. to take place at VCC on Friday after play.

Saturday, 4th Mar

SFs of main event, best of 5.

Bowl Semi Final at VCC.

Shield Semi Final at VCC.

Plate Knockout Quarter Final and Semi Final at VCC.

Knockout 5th to 8th Place

Sunday, 5th Mar

Final of main event best, of 5 single banked at VCC.

Bowl Final best of 3 at VCC.

Shield Final best of 3 at VCC.

Plate Final best of 3 at VCC.

Play Off 3rd & 4th place


"Each Player shall be allowed ten minutes practice before their first game each day on the court on which they are about to play. Each Player will also be allowed five minutes practice before their second match each day on the court on which they are about to play.

During practice, hoop running may only be practiced using strokes no harder than required to send the ball seven yards and must not disturb the setting of the hoops."

The lawns at VCC will be available for pre-event practice on Friday 24th. Lawns at VCC (and the four other venues) will not be available for practice on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd.


In accordance with WCF Event Regulations, referees will normally be appointed “on Request” except for semi-finals and finals which will have Referees in Charge. A Deputy Tournament Referee, or Venue Referee, will be appointed at all satellite venues.


The Welcoming Function and Opening Ceremony will be held at VCC on Friday 24th Feb at 5.30 PM.

A dinner will be held at the Deer Park Club, Ballarat Rd Deer Park on Saturday 4th March at approx. 7.00 PM.


  • Tony Hall will be Event Director. Tony will be able to assist you with general enquires. Tony can be contacted at

  • Jim Clement will be Tournament Referee. Jim can be contacted at

  • WCF Event Lead is Peter Landrebe. Peter can be contacted at

  • Mike Cohn is Chairman of the Working Committee. Mike will be able to assist you with all non-playing queries such as transport, functions, refreshments etc. Mike can be contacted at

I hope that the above information helps you all prepare for this event. Anyone wishing to read the WCF Sports Regs can find them on the WCF site at WCFSportsRegulations.pdf.

Please feel free to contact me in relation to queries about the above or matters relating to play, or contact one of the other listed officials for non-playing queries.

Brian Reither, Tournament Manager. Mobile; 0488 539000 International; +61 488 539 000